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6 Minute Video – Implantable Chips In Your Brain – Human/Computer Hybrids? How Much Control Over Your Own Thoughts & Actions Will You Have?

  Brain Chips?   This isn’t just science fiction – it’s a science nightmare!  Will this be forced upon people?  What are the possibilities of a brain infection?  Hospitals have been guilty of failing to sterilize their surgical equipment causing severe infections which actually have happened to friends of this writer’s. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below […]

Pen Figured Out Why All The Illegal Immigration Is Going On!

  This writer can’t believe he didn’t see this sooner.  The reason for all of the illegal immigration is clear now.  In the future (which is now), the issue will be on the lips of all politicians, on the evening news, and the front pages of the liberal rags (newspapers).  It will become imperative to be […]