Excess Deaths From COVID Vaccine “Jab” Up 43% Over Expected! What Does That Mean & Do? This Is Resource Material For Everyone – Pass It On!

Death Comes To Us All – It’s Just How & Why!

Ed Dowd turned $2 billion into $14 billion as a Black Rock manager. He’s no lightweight, and his investment policies require deep research. Ed has been in touch with actuaries about COVID and excess deaths (go to 12 minutes on this video HERE). First, what is an actuary? An actuary studies statistics and trends. Why? They do it in order to help insurance companies to determine what to charge in order to cover/protect people with either health, accident, liability or life insurance. For what reason? It’s so the insurance companies can be prepared to pay off the insured’s claims, and still be a profitable company. Why is insurance necessary? Insurance reduces risk aversion and massive loss of assets for businesses and individuals. Without insurance, people would be reluctant to start new businesses. Without health insurance, people would either risk their health and welfare, or start saving like crazy at the expense of many necessities and luxuries of life. Without accident insurance, people would not be able to pay for damages to their homes and cars unless they saved like mad first. Without insurance, if a company or individual suffered a loss, they might have to go into debt to cover that loss, and the debt may be too heavy to service. In fact, in regard to death, many times life insurance is designed to pay off the debts of the insured; their home, their business etc.

Insurance is a necessary part of a free enterprise economic system. In fact, to be even more emphatic, insurance is the backbone and foundation of our free enterprise system. Insurance companies take their premiums and invest them with the idea that they can get a sufficient return on investments (ROI) so they can pay claims, and still have enough to pay salaries, building maintenance costs, debt service on real estate etc. If they can’t function, then America is dead in the water. Imagine if your car is totaled, and you have no insurance, and the person with whom you collided has no insurance. You would have to hope the party at fault could pay to replace your vehicle. With the average vehicle running around $45,000, that is highly unlikely. Why? Statistics currently show that 60% of all Americans cannot come up with $500 without borrowing it! People are living paycheck to paycheck as it is now!

So, when actuaries speak, insurance executives listen, and so do BlackRock investment managers and other intelligent people in the investing world. Why? Because the insurance executives want to keep their jobs, and the investors want to keep their clients and their jobs! If there are excess death of 43%, that’s more than just a bump in the road, that’s devastating. The price of life insurance will go through the roof for those wanting it. Remember, even if you do not have life insurance, you are probably still benefitting from it. When someone dies, it may be the end of a big paycheck for a widow for example. Without insurance, she may be forced to sell her home and move in with relatives. This would be very much the case with a young executive making lots of money, but not sufficiently established with a home that is paid for, cars that are paid for, college loans that are paid for etc.

The fact that young people are now dying at an excess rate is really throwing off the insurance industry, because the amount of premiums they’ve collected are not sufficient to satisfy the actuarial tables by which they priced the claimant’s coverage. This writer once talked to an insurance agent who explained that 90% of the first year’s premiums went to the sales agent in the form of commission. The second year’s premiums, 50% went to the agent’s commission. After that it dropped dramatically to 3% or so! So if young people are dying within the first few years of holding a policy, then the insurance industry will be rapidly wiped out! As has been noted by Ed Dowd, a 10% variance is a once in 200 year anomaly. A 43% variance is unheard of.

Eugenics is defined here, and is a tool our government has employed subtly for decades. It’s worth noting that Bill Gates is a big proponent of vaccines and population control, and a big investor in the vaccine industry. In fact, unknown to most Americans is the fact that Bill Gates’ father was President of Planned Parenthood! (See other posts on this BLOG for multitudinous facts and links on Bill Gates) Abortion has been a great tool to destroy over 50 million human lives in the womb just in America. Deaths from medical mistakes in or out of a hospital actually are equally egregious. Deaths from opioids are off the charts. War works well, and toxins in foods helps cause a slow death along with all of the medicines sold to solve all sorts of problems real or imagined. Another source of vaccine information is Children’s Health Defense which is a work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – nephew of former U.S. President Kennedy and son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

It’s interesting to note that the average 65 year old is on 12 pharmaceutical prescriptions, and the average 80 year old is on 18 pharmaceutical prescriptions. President George W. Bush signed into law the Medicare pharmaceutical bill which allows for tax dollars to be paid directly to big pharma. America, only one of two countries in the world to allow for pharma to advertise on TV, has seen a massive increase in that advertising, and it amounts to 70% of all of the “mainstream” media’s revenues. Do you think you will get an honest report on the “true” efficacy of vaccines? And, with government in charge of “senior care”, do you think that care might just be curtailed when the taxpayer can no longer afford to pay the tab? You know, euthanasia, (mercy killing)? It’s already being promoted and utilized in Canada. is America next?


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