Who’s Perfect Anyway?

Perfection Could Be Poisonous & Toxic!

If you’re reading this, you are probably thinking; “I’m not perfect, but I’m pretty good, and better than most people.” That may well be true, and it’s not my position to say otherwise. Nonetheless, there are some people who do think they are perfect, or as close to it as is humanly possible. Sadly, these people often are in positions of power (in government, industry, church, family etc.), and rule over those of us whom they consider to be “less than perfect”.

The Bible says we are all conceived in sin. What does that mean? It goes back to the creation of man (Adam), and he fell from God’s grace when he, along with his wife, ate the “forbidden” fruit. At that point in time, they died spiritually, and ultimately physically as well. From that action, their sin was transmitted to all of their progeny (children) forever! Was that a genetic change – not likely! It was a spiritual condition that was passed on.

That spiritual condition (state of one’s heart) was exposed in the Bible time and time again. God did not allow a cover up in His book, the Bible. The leaders and heroes of the Jews, and subsequently Christians, had their sins exposed to the world. No other history written has been so completely honest. Typically, especially in the ancient world, history is written by the prevailing ruler and portrays themselves as somewhere very close to, if not, perfect. St. Paul clears up this fallacy in his book of Romans chapter 3 verses 10 18.

Perfect means to be without any flaws. In God’s eyes, that meant obeying all of His commands without fail. Nobody, save Jesus Christ, has ever done that. Even David, the second King of Israel, was a liar, murderer and adulterer. Yet, God said he was a “,,,man after His own heart.”. Why? David repented in sincerity for his sins. That didn’t make him perfect, it just made him forgiven for his sins. Scripture teaches that; “..the heart is deceitful above all else and desperately wicked – who can know it?” It also teaches that “…the heart of the king is in God’s hands and, like a river of waters, He turns it whichever way He pleases.”

So, the heart/spirit of man is controlled by God. Aw, you say; “That’s not fair!” Maybe not, but God never said He was, or promised to be, “fair”. After all, God is God, and He answers to nobody! God is sovereign over all of his Creation. “A sparrow does not fall from the sky apart from His will.”, “Man makes his plans, but God guides his footsteps.”, the king’s heart as mentioned above, He brings the rain in season, the hairs of our head are numbered, He knows our sitting down and our rising up, He knows our thoughts afar off etc. etc. He is the potter, and we are the clay. Can he not make one vessel for honor, and another for dishonor?

Yes, it is reasonable to say that God is not “fair”, at least within man’s context of the meaning, but He is just. Due to our sin, we are all deserving of death and condemnation to Hell, and yet through His mercy, we have, by His choice and not our own, the blessing of forgiveness and salvation from the threatened condemnation. We have it because the only perfect man in history, Jesus Christ, died for our sins. He lived a perfect life, knew what was coming and went through it faithfully anyway in order to fulfill the need we, His elect, had to avoid the condemnation. Sadly, not everyone will avoid the condemnation. There is, as Scripture refers, wheat and chaff, sheep and goats etc. Although you will never be perfect, short of glorification in Heaven, which would you rather be – a sheep or a goat? If a sheep, then repent and believe upon Jesus Christ for your salvation eternally (that’s like forever – a long time!). Or, you can be a goat and go to Hell forever. From the Biblical description, your friends will not be there to greet you and share in all the laughs – Hell will be darkness, terror, weeping and gnashing of teeth and eternal torment. Aw, that’s not fair!


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