Baal – The God Of Evil!

Sin, the word and idea, incites virtually no public discourse, let alone outcry, today outside of “some” churches (not all).

President Calvin Coolidge was asked by the press corps one Sunday;

Press: “What did you do today Mr. President?”

President: “Went to church!”

Press: “What was the sermon about?”

President: “Sin!”

Press: “What did the preacher say about it?”

President: ” ‘gin it!” (translated – against it)

End of press conference! President Coolidge was a man of few words.

Today in America, sin has no public or broad meaning because there is little preaching about it and no public discussion (outside churches and Christian families) of it. When is the last time a campaigning politician, TV Anchor or newspaper discussed or pointed out sin? Think hard now.

True Christians know that sin is the cause of man’s downfall and has been transmitted inherently to all generations since Adam. All men know God, but they, without the aid of the HOLY SPIRIT, harden their hearts against God and try, as Satan in the Garden of Eden tried to promote, “…be like God knowing good and evil.” In this writer’s understanding, that “knowing” part encompassed the ability to define what was good and evil. The prophet Isaiah lamented in chapter 5 verse 20Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Does that sound familiar today? Have American leaders substituted one man one woman in marriage to anything goes in or out of marriage beyond and away from God’s definition of marriage in the Bible? Has America distorted God’s creating man and woman to 130 + genders and transgenderism? Has America encouraged adultery and fornication over faithfulness and chastity? Has America promoted materialism over spiritualism? Has America promoted do-it-yourself spiritualism over Biblical spiritualism? Has truth been supplanted with lies? Has the state supplanted Christ as Savior? This writer could go on, but if you the reader aren’t getting the message by now, then stop reading.

So, what is sin? According to the Shorter Catechism question number 14, the answer is “Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God.” Of course to understand that, one must know what the law of God is. The Catechism (linked above in blue) goes on to explain in detail. Romans 2:15-17 says that law of God is written on the hearts of all men. That is to eliminate any excuse of ignorance. Most people have heard lawyers and judges in particular say that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” which is in application to entering a plea in a court of law to defend oneself from a charge or charges. Neither is ignorance of God’s law an excuse, because it is indelibly written on hearts from conception.

Now comes the rub. You’ll find most preachers of the Gospel recognize sin, and even refer to particular sins noted in the Ten Commandments which are but a summary of God’s laws. Beyond that, there are hundreds of statutes in the Old Testament Torah. Some of those laws refer to ceremonial and sacrificial laws, and as such, Christians find they are abrogated in Christ. Then there are laws which addressed the culture of the day which relate, for instance, to slavery, and they are no longer relevant in fact, although they do have merit in principle. Finally, there are moral laws which are considered eternal and applicable today, such as laws against murder (defined as the premeditated unlawful taking of a human life). The “unlawful” is in application to God’s laws which don’t change, verses man’s laws which are fluid and can decline in quality with the decline in the culture and its accompanying moral standards or lack thereof.

So, most preachers will acknowledge sin to varying degrees and in varying areas of life. The problem arises when preachers cannot discern what is a sin when it is subtly presented and broadly accepted. Here is an example of one such sin. Proverbs 20:10 condemns diverse or unjust weights and measures as an “abomination”. The 8th Commandment condemns stealing, and the Heidelberg Catechism 42 says false weights and measures are stealing. Constitutional money as defined is gold and silver. The Bible refers on numerous occasions to gold and silver as money. The Constitution is the “supreme law of the land”. The Constitution, as regards money, is Biblical.

In 1913, plotting usurpers finally got their way and instituted the Federal Reserve which is a private banking cartel which got control of our money. Not too long after that, our money was no longer backed by gold and silver, but is a note of legal tender based upon the “full faith and credit” of the United States and is a NOTE based upon debt! Proverbs 22:7 clearly points out that the borrower is servant, or slave, to the lender. That is not a very tenable position in which Christians should find themselves.

If every Federal Reserve Note (look at your money and don’t take my word for it) is “legal tender for all debts public and private”, then it is no longer a true dollar, but instead a promise to pay a current debt in the future. That means we are enslaved if we use that so called “money” which is just in all actuality “currency”! It is debt based currency at that. So the private banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve has managed to indebt the American nation (people) to the tune of $30 trillion and counting! That’s a pretty big nut to crack for the American people. The American people have gone from being wealthy to being impoverished by debt – they have had their wealth stolen, and now through socialist government, they steal from each other to survive.

So, answer the following questions for me if you will please. Firstly, if the ONLY prayer we were taught formally by Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) is that His will be done ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN (is that a sincere prayer?); if so, how did we get here if we were once a Christian nation? In this writer’s estimate, it started in the Satanically infiltrated seminaries where those trained to preach the Gospel were slowly and methodically reeducated to a socialist one world order. It took a lot of years and generations, but now, here we are. How many pastors know and understand the above explanation and are able to transmit Biblical knowledge to their congregation that is practical and applicable so as to protect them from the slavery (bondage) that they are under? Is sin only an individual problem, or does it extend to the collective of individuals as well? Do individuals need to know the above, or should they just hear vague general applications of good and evil? Unjust weights and measures is just one example of our nation’s demise spiritually and Biblically. There are many more, although money touches everyone and everything we do including tithing. And what will the church do when tithing is reduced or the devaluation of the money will no longer allow it to function in its most Biblically mandated ways. We, as Christians are not being taught in an applicable, contemporary manner that helps the congregation understand today’s realities and evils so as to effectively, boldly and confidently go forward into the world to raise awareness to what sin really is. The statement in Scripture that the “…gates of Hell will not prevail against the church.” reflect, in this writer’s opinion, that of the church being in an offensive posture – not a defensive posture!

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