The 17 Official Sustainable Goals For Mankind & The World! What Does It Mean For You? Hard Reality!

17 Sustainable Development Goals HERE The world’s best and most highly trained salesmen are pushing this agenda!

#1 No poverty“. Jesus said you will have the poor with you always – these guys are going to deny that and overcome poverty? Yeah right!

#2Zero hunger” Just as likely as #1, and additionally, II Thessalonians 3:10 says “He who will not work should not eat.” Shall the lazy and indolent be rewarded?

#3Good health & well being” Sounds nice, but who will pay for it? Will it be distributed evenly? Will people be force medicated either to eliminate them or enslave them? Equally as unrealistic as #’s 1 and 2, but appeals to the shallow thinkers.

#4Quality education” Again, at what price, and who decides the curriculum, and what if people disagree with the curriculum based upon facts or ideological beliefs? The Bible emphasizes the importance of parents teaching their children – not government agents!

#5Gender equality” According to Scripture (God’s word if you believe in God which under this one could be a fatal position to take) there are only two sexes or genders – male and female. Somehow, these people think that political ideology and self-indulgent thinking and actions will somehow wipe out the entire history of humans on the planet. Watch out for large adult men taking showers at school with your 12 year old daugher!

#6Clean water and sanitation” This one is almost laughable as the city fathers of L.A. and San Francisco, to name just two, have done nothing about people pooping on the sidewalk and throwing spent drug needles on the sidewalk as well. How about starting there, and then we’ll talk about the rest of it.? Even in the Bible (long before indoor plumbing or out houses), people were commanded to go outside the camp and then bury their waste.

#7Affordable and clean energy” Sounds great. One way to make energy affordable is to produce it. Solar and wind are abysmal and very expensive earth hostile approaches. Shutting down pipelines and stopping drilling for oil are non-productive and limiting the cheapest most abundant form of energy on the planet – nuclear being number 2. America pollutes less than China, and yet we are shooting ourselves in the foot over nonsensical approaches. Maybe our enemies like that idea?

#8Decent work and economic growth” The best way to accomplish this goal is to let people freely pursue what they want in the way of products, services and the jobs that go along with them. Central planning, which is what this is all about, is an abysmal failure. China had to give it up to a large degree, and so did Soviet Russia. Nobody can plan an economy, because an economy runs on the decisions that individual make several times a day.

#9Industry innovation and infrastructure” Here we have the Socialist ideal of central planning. The result of something like this is that you have 10 million widgets for sale, but demand for only 1 million, while you have a demand for 10 million thingamajigs but only 1 million available. In other words, central planners decide and customers don’t.

#10Reduced inequalities” This means nothing unless you define clearly and unequivocally what you mean. If what you (these self-appointed wise men) want equality of outcome, it will never happen. At best, the outcome will be everyone but the elite becoming poor. O.K. so maybe I’m missing something here if we can all be equally poor except for a small group of ultra-rich who do all the planning for us.

#11Sustainable cities and communities” Another platitude that sounds great, but what does it mean? Likely you will find it means everyone lives in an unattractive box that is cold in the winter, hot in the summer and right next to noisy public transportation which will be the only way to get around if you are not fabulously wealthy.

#12 Responsible consumption and production” You will eat Impossible Meat, and the rich will eat steak. You will travel on a bus, the rich will travel on their private gas guzzling jets. You will get substandard medical care, and the rich will be treated to the latest technology by the most highly skilled physicians in the most up to date facilities.

#13Climate action” This will limit how much meat, if any, that you (not the rich) will be allowed to eat. This will limit how much energy you (not the rich) will be able to use. The rich will be in the lap of luxury with no limits, and you will be in the lap of poverty with severe limits.

#14Life below water” Out of sight out of mind. Underwater cities – claustrophobic? Nah! Good stewardship of the oceans? Nah! They can’t even get rid of all of the plastic cluttering the oceans.

#15Life on land” For you, the unwashed masses, limited and difficult crowded movement., minimal nutrition, crowded housing (only if you’re politically correct), mandated vaccinations to keep you sick and subdued etc. For the rich, and abundance of everything good and desirable.

#16Peace, justice and strong institutions” Can you say police state? Can you say thugocracy? Can you say concentration camp? I knew you could!

#17Partnerships for the goals” Can you say the end of national sovereignty? Can you say no more Constitution? Can you say a demise of the culture of freedom? I knew you could!

This writer, having studied the agenda of the uber rich NEW WORLD ORDER proponents of International Socialism, determined that I did not need to read any of what they’ve written here. Therefore, if anyone should find me in error on my assessment, please advise. I offer a Silver Eagle (postage paid) as a reward if you do! Remember that Socialism is for the rich only, and central planning is for power mongers only! There may be little difference between the two.

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

Non-renewable Energy


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