White House Has Told Rail Companies “No More Shipping Of Fertilizer”. Ready To Starve Or Pay Quintuple (5 X’s) Current Food Stuffs?

The White House – Crime Central

Union Pacific not shipping fertilizer – listen HERE.

https://yournews.com › 2022 › 04 › 18 › 2330553 › cf-industries-warns-that-fertilizer-rail-shipments-are-being-halted

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the …

US Rail Carriers Are Cutting Fertilizer, Grain, Coal Shipments

https://www.visiontimes.com › 2022 › 04 › 16 › us-rail-carriers-cut-fertilizer-shipments-union-wars.html

CF’s stock closed August of 2021 at $45.42 and has since more than doubled to $108.41 as of April 14 market close for the Easter break. Similarly, America’s largest fertilizer producer, The Mosaic Company, has a $27.52 billion market cap and has more than doubled since December of 2021’s open at $35.19 to $76.05 at present.

Fertilizer company complains about railroad shipment limits

https://news.yahoo.com › fertilizer-company-complains-railroad-shipment-221025286.html

April 14, 2022, 3:10 PM · 1 min read OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A major fertilizer company says the limits Union Pacific is putting on rail traffic to clear up congestion will delay shipments that farmers…

EMERGENCY ALERT: After Rail Carriers Cancel Grain …

https://ussanews.com › 2022 › 04 › 16 › emergency-alert-after-rail-carriers-cancel-grain-shipments-cf-industries-warns-fertilizer-rail-shipments-now-being-halted-during-spring-planting

Mike Adams joins The Alex Jones Show to explain the impending collapse of the food supply in America amid unprecedented supply chain breakdowns. This means that Union Pacific is essentially dropping fertilizer shipments and grain shipments all across America. Put another way, America’s food infrastructure is being deliberately shut down.

CF Industries: Union Pacific Curtails Fertilizer Shipments …

https://www.cfindustries.com › newsroom › 2022 › union-pacific-shipping-restrictions

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the …

Catastrophic? Union Pacific cuts fertilizer shipments …

https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com › catastrophic-for-american-food-supply-union-pacific-significantly-cuts-fertilizer-shipments-during-spring-planting-season

Last week, the company advised customers it serves via Union Pacific rail lines that shipping reductions implemented by the railroad would result in delays of nitrogen fertilizer shipments. This comes at a very untimely moment because we are currently in the midst of the spring growing season, when fertilizer is a vital component in our ability …

EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling …

https://thecommonsenseshow.com › agenda-21-conspiracy-economics › emergency-alert-heels-rail-carriers-canceling-grain-shipments-cf-industries-warns-fertilizer-rail

The application of nitrogen fertilizer is critical to maximizing crop yields. If farmers are unable to secure all the nitrogen fertilizer that they require in the current season because of supply chain disruptions such as rail shipping restrictions, the Company expects yield will be lower.

What Is Going On? Union Pacific Railroad Begins …

https://truth11.com › 2022 › 04 › 18 › what-is-going-on-union-pacific-railroad-begins-restricting-rail-shipments-of-nitrogen-based-fertilizer-during-spring-planting-season

Union Pacific Railroad Begins Restricting Rail Shipments of Nitrogen Based Fertilizer During Spring Planting Season The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft. Uncategorized. In early March, Tucker Carlson invited Iowa Corn and soybean farmer Ben Riensche on his top-rated program to discuss the massive inflation we are about to see in food prices here at home.

Republic Broadcasting Network » What Is Going On? Union …

https://republicbroadcasting.org › news › what-is-going-on-union-pacific-railroad-begins-restricting-rail-shipments-of-nitrogen-based-fertilizer-during-spring-planting-season

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new …

CF Says Rail Delays to Further Shrink U.S. Fertilizer Supply

https://uk.finance.yahoo.com › news › cf-says-rail-delays-further-181204373.html

Elizabeth Elkin 14 April 2022, 11:12 am · 2-min read (Bloomberg) — CF Industries Holdings Inc. said reductions in rail service along Union Pacific Corp. lines will delay fertilizer shipments in…


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  1. Marvin Hanner · · Reply

    The “White House” did not tell the railroads to stop shipping fertilizer! The Union Pacific is putting limits on rail traffic to clear up congestion which will delay shipments. There have been NO executive orders concerning rail traffic this year. Why do you want to scare people?


    1. We have different sources of information. What is your source. I know that ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC and PBS along with Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, are all run by liars who work for the Establishment. I use alternative media, and it’s people who have demonstrated over several years to be consistently accurate, and way ahead of the corporate bought and paid for media which I do not trust and listen to very infrequently. I usually like to have at least one corroborating source for anything I post. If you can demonstrate to me that I am in error, then I will post a correction. Please provide solid documentation and not just an opinion – especially from some establishment scumbag.


    2. Dan SanMartin · · Reply

      Yes Biden is against these measures. Green new deal stuff. Vaxx mandates for truckers causing shortage because vax is so deadly. Drivers not being gullible, can’t deliver stuff.


      1. What measures is Biden against? Not clear from your response.


  2. Dee Wan · · Reply

    The BS factory is cranking out more fertilizer than CF Industries. I challenge YOU to document and unequivocally show the White House has a hand in slowing fertilizer shipments. Come on, conspiracists, show your hand.


    1. Documenting collusion and conspiracy to defraud require having legal authority to investigate. One must be able to read between the lines as the saying goes. As Thomas Jefferson (someone I suspect you abhor) said; “If the people seek to change the direction of government and through voting successive changes of administration, there is no change in the direction of government, then you know there is a conspiracy.” You tell me the last time that our government got smaller and our freedom got bigger? You can’t, and therefore I rest my case, and you have history on your side if you can prove my claim wrong.


      1. Dee Wan · ·

        Jefferson was a great thinker, doer and statesman. He also owned and bedded slaves. So, a great man with significant flaws.
        Smaller government is not necessarily good. It allows the powerful to do as they wish, create monopolies, sell faulty or dangerous goods, prey on the public with bogus investments and lie about winning elections with no proof.

        Your case about conspiracy and government is primarily based upon unproven allegations, most of which arise from aggrieved and questionable sources. It has never been the case that the collection of MSM fails to eventually uncover facts and report the most accurate story. With the exception of Breitbart, Newsmax, Fox and OAN, the general press does pretty well in the end. They are all competing for the scoop whether it impugns the standing administration or not.

        As for “our freedom”, it has never been wider. You have witnessed the abundance of liars and cheats who have escaped prosecution. Guns are legal in a wider area of the country, to the detriment of students. Bogus crypto currencies run unfettered by the government. Petroleum companies are “free” to scam the public with higher prices as they gather record profits. Your comment about freedom falls short given the facts on the ground. It is nebulously stated so people can buy into your claims, but you have little to hold up as lost freedoms. Remember, in a civilized society we must agree that to retain civility by not championing our personal desires and freedoms over those of our fellow citizens. I do not have the freedom to oppress others.


  3. How could I argue with intellectual and factual dishonesty? You win – are you a sycophant for the Establishment or President Xi?


    1. Dee Wan · · Reply

      Ever pause to consider the Union Pacific decision may be forced by certain major shareholders for profit and useful disruption? This can be a direct result of not enough government oversight for critical infrastructure. Why would Biden try to kill the economy? He does wish to get re-elected. My original question of documentation on the White House involvement with Union Pacific still stands. Where is it?

      And you will have a difficult time arguing with widely available facts and investigations by reputable sources. I am a sycophant for reasoned dialog and use of available data. Neither the right nor the left is anywhere near a high score for transparency and total honesty, but the score on the left is definitely favoring democracy and one person, one vote much more than the score from the right.

      What is it with folks who prefer to cling to unsupported conspiracies rather than what is most likely happening. Does it confer some special standing with the like minded who prefer the irrational to reality. I suppose there is some comfort in being a member of a small group that claims to have the answer to what secret cabals are doing and producing unlikely scenarios to explain it. Eventually it all falls apart like “pizzagate” and Jewish Space Lasers. I think the notion of a flat earth is in there somewhere as well.


      1. Really? So Big Tech (very left) and the Democrats (very left) are boldly restricting censorship! Give me a break! Biden with the help of Google, Fakebook et. al. helped get him cheated into the Presidency, and the facts are coming out on that even in the mass controlled fake news media. As far as conspiracies being supported or unsupported, it is my guess you have never studied them where I have spent over 10,000 hours reading and researching them in many instances from original source material located at their headquarters as well as reading their own writings. You either speak from ignorance or a clear leftist Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Monopoly capitalist agenda. You probably support world government and the United Nations. You have not demonstrated any credibility with me, and likely not with anyone who can read this exchange. I would also guess that you are vehemently anti-Christ (at least the Christ of the Bible in a legitimate and historical translation) I appreciate your willingness to carry on a civil dialogue, but you’re going to have to do a lot better. My BLOG (see my most recent post for conspiracies’) clearly articulated my ideology. You conceal yours in murky waters.


      2. Dee Wan · ·

        So, big tech is full of lefties? I submit some very powerful Republicans are in charge of big tech also. For example: Peter Thiel, Larry Ellison, Meg Whitman, Marc Andreessen, Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer and countless others. You offer many claims with no substantiation. It does not make your position stronger.

        There is NO, I repeat, NO evidence Biden was cheated into the presidency. His orange faced opponent managed to get himself throttled all by himself. Free speech, typically misunderstood by the forehead vein folks on the right, does not apply to corporately owned sites. Their End User License is what governs their actions. Why would any reasonable American stand up for the reprehensible Orange Boy’s deportment and pronouncements?

        If you spent 10,000 hours reading and studying (5 full time years of serious 8 hours a day work) and have these statements to show for your work I have a tinge of sorrow that a man wasted a great deal of time to come to so many faulty and pre-destined conclusions. As partial proof of your pre-judgmental approach I hold up the canned statements that many on the right TRY to employ to discredit opposing opinion. You tell me that “ You either speak from ignorance or a clear leftist Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Monopoly capitalist agenda.” Who did you pick up that right wing boilerplate from? Wow, Socialist/Communist/Monopoly/Capitalist. Such diametrically opposite operational philosophies in one claim are a measure of ignorance concerning these words and the hope that such trigger words will draw in followers likewise unlikely to understand their meaning.

        Now, let’s talk about Yeshua (Christ). My reading of the good book projects an image of a man who was a pacifist, who spoke about loving one another, who spoke about welcoming the stranger and loving the poor. He did not use words or actions to denigrate the unfortunate. He was an observant Jew and engaged in conversations with learned temple elders. In contrast to this revered man we have the multiplicity of egregious actions and behavior embodied in the supposed leader of the GOP, an orange painted, vain, unrepentant, Biblically ignorant and compulsively lying person. Our 45th president said, “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women — I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, Grab ’em by the pussy.” Those known as Evangelicals have, in many instances, excused his behavior and supported his many hate the stranger, forget the poor, make fun of the disabled instances. There is little to suggest the so-called “right” is one iota more entitled to say they are supporters of Christianity than any other party.

        You seem to want to know my ideology. It is simple. I want to know what actually happens. I apply my 16 years of education and a lifetime of interaction to assess different sources of reputed fact and come to my own conclusions. I do not adhere to conspiracies that do not make sense. I do adhere to the conspiracy of GOP leaders. lawyers and politicians trying to game democracy to bring it to a one party rule. There is no evidence that the orange candidate won. He is expert at getting the great unwashed worked up about secret conspiracies. His claims are evidence free just like the many recounts done. He even got the crowd excited enough to breach the Capitol, beat police officers and desecrate our monument to democracy. The evidence of GOP misdeeds lays at our feet. I loved Eisenhower, initially liked Nixon until the lies, loved Reagan until the lies, tolerated Bush 1, laughed at Bush 2 (Now a better man than he was), and was revolted by the orange one as our country’s representative to the world.


  4. Who says Republicans AREN’T “Lefties”? You appear to have fallen for the false alternative paradigm and don’t understand false and controlled opposition (my assessment of Donald Trump). What ever you do, don’t assume anything about me and this BLOG. Go back and do some research outside of the political parties and establishment sources. P.S. Christ was not a “pacifist”, and you probably have no clue what the Bible really teaches – you appear to be a sycophant for the left, and I’m not going to waste time debating you. Read my BLOG. Search out a wide variety of subjects to learn about. Unless you can offer a meaningful response (facts – not opinions) showing that you’ve done your homework, I will not be offering any further responses.


  5. […] is (was?) a major supplier of fertiliser? Unbelievably, Biden has ordered US rail companies to limit their supply of fertiliser, a move which is bound to reduce crop yields. In the UK the last but one fertiliser planthas shut […]


    1. I have a friend who says he knows oil workers in west Texas who were told they have to cut back from drilling 3000 feet per day to no more than 1000 feet per day. That reduces oil production by 2/3, along with the closing of the Keystone pipeline, stopping all on and off shore oil drilling on Federally leased sites etc. Meanwhile, gas station owners are being vilified for the measly profits they make. At the same time corporate food behemoth General Mills is up 97% on its profits after 5 price hikes so far this year. As Joe would say “Come on”!


      1. typo_gateway0a@icloud.com · ·

        Sounds like UNVERIFIED bullshit!



      2. Really? Which part? Biden’s first day in office he closed down the Keystone pipeline. Recently he completed his shut down of all on and off shore oil leases of Federal land or ocean – check it out if you aren’t an intellectually dishonest liberal which is what you should like. Try improving your vocabulary to start with.


      3. Dee Wan · ·

        Apparently you do not understand who the Keystone Pipeline was to benefit.

        And I lay odds my vocab is superior to yours. I choose to use the vernacular so subversives like you can understand it.


  6. Ultimately the Keystone pipeline would benefit a lot of people, the Canadian government and oil industry, the U.S. government, the oil companies, and yes, even the American people subversive as they may be. As far as vocabulary, yours may be better, I have no idea, but your choice of words had no impact on me other than making me think less of you.


  7. wratfink · · Reply

    The Keystone pipeline is operational. The Keystone XL plan was withdrawn by the Canadian owners in favor of the Trans-Mountain pipeline to the Pacific. It is over 50% complete and will send Canadian bitumin to China.

    PS The Keystone XL was an expansion to the Keystone pipeline and was also designed to ship more Canadian bitumin to China. So, in reality, the oil would have done little to help supply in the US. In spite of claiming all that studying you do, you failed on the pipeline because you wish to smear Biden. I don’t like either Biden nor Trump, but at least do some research and find the truth.


    1. I suspect we have different sources of information. Truth in a tyrannical state becomes elusive and the first victim. If you check out my BLOG, you will find plenty of critical references to Trump. My objective is not to “smear” Biden per se. I am informed differently on the Keystone pipeline, so I will defer to your assessment for argument’s sake. Nonetheless, you must acknowledge that the Biden administration has shut down Anwar, on and off shore drilling and stopping of importation of any Russian oil. None of those decisions enhance U.S. oil supply. Additionally, a friend of mine who has first hand accounts of drillers in West Texas has told me that the Fed’s have restricted drilling from 3000 feet per day to 1000 feet per day which is a 2/3 reduction of production. Add to that the promise by Biden that we “will have a food shortage; it’s real” video of his speech available also sets a poor precedence. It’s, of course all Putin’s fault. Watch my post I’m about to put up on ABV disease for further perspective on how we are being used, and duped in America.


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