People Have The Right To The Following:

The Constitution Is More Than Just A Piece Of Paper

This has been written because of what is going on in Canada and which may be heading for America. Canada doesn’t have a Constitution, but they do have a less binding Charter.

You, as an individual, much to the chagrin of the atheists who rule us, and not a group or collective, have the right from God, not government, according to the Bill of Rights HERE to the following:

1.) To speak your mind and express verbally or in writing, your opinions as regards your religious beliefs, your political beliefs and your social beliefs in either a private or a public arena and to whom or about whomever you wish.

In so doing, your right has responsibilities. You may not defraud, slander or libel someone with impunity. You may not threaten someone’s life or physical well-being with impunity. For all intents and purposes, the government cannot do anything that the individual cannot do to another individual with the exception of what the Constitution permits.

In this realm, the government is restrained by the Constitution, but that does not mean that they cannot, or will not usurp their power by deception, stealth and force to silence you and they do and have done so on numerous occasions throughout history.

2.) To own, carry and if need be, use any and all means of self-defense (not offense) against the government and or individual criminals or criminal cabals (see Federalist Paper #28 by Alexander Hamilton – the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury), and to do so with no infringements (restrictions, deprivations, taxation or regulations).

You do not have the right to offensively intimidate anyone with those means (arms) for personal gain or vengeance. You do not have the right to kill, maim or injure anyone with those means unless and only in a necessary act of self-defense.

In this realm, as in #1 above, the government can abuse its authority and has done so extensively.

3.) You have a right to be free from a soldier occupying your home without your consent. As in many Communist constitutions, the exception is as is prescribed by law when it comes to time of war, so this 3rd Amendment is on shaky ground as we have a “WAR” on COVID, and terror right now, and to the best of this writer’s knowledge, the war on poverty declared by President Lyndon Johnson has never been terminated.

4.) You have a right to be “secure” in your personal property – home, car, bank account, chattels, person etc. with no intrusion unless there is first a warrant issued, and it must be affirmed by an oath from an appropriate authority, and the warrant must name the person or place to be searched and specifically what is to be seized so that government agents cannot go on a fishing expedition, nor can they search anywhere other than the place(s) listed.

Of course the government can, does and has violated this Amendment constantly.

5.) This Amendment requires that for any serious (capital) or infamous crime you must be indicted by a grand jury (citizen jurors serving for a brief time – usually one year). You are protected from double jeopardy which means you cannot be tried for the same crime twice. If the prosecutor doesn’t get it right the first time – too bad. You cannot be deprived of LIFE, LIBERTY or PROPERTY without due process, and you must know the charges against you, and you must be able to confront the witnesses against you; you must be able to compel witnesses to testify and in particular if they would testify in your favor, and lastly, you must be able to have an attorney available to defend your person.

This is a complex Amendment, and has been abused by governments and prosecutors more and more as time goes by. Sometimes the “witnesses” against you are highly technical and even questionable in their credibility and veracity, such as DNA evidence, finger prints, voice prints, grooving of bullets from piston and/or rifle barrels etc. etc.

6.) This Amendment has been egregiously abused. You have the right to a speedy trial. Well, speedy used to be within 30 days. Lawyers and prosecutors have worked assiduously to delay, delay, delay. It’s possible that with the backed up court system, that even if you ask for a speedy trial that it could take several months before your case comes to trial, at which point people’s memories fade, witness die, get suicided, disappear or lose heart and so on.

You have a right to be tried by a “jury of your peers”. Well, what if you’re white and all of the jurors are black? What if you are rich and all of the jurors are poor? What if you are young and all of your jurors are old, what if you are a foreigner being tried by citizens of the community? Are those your peers? Maybe not! You have the right to be confronted with the nature of the charges against you and the witnesses against you as well. You may also compel witnesses who would testify in your favor. There is some overlap with #5 on this one.

7.) You have a right to trial by jury if the value of a law suit is $20 or greater. $20 won’t even buy a steak dinner today, so that’s a bit anachronistic, but the principle is not.

8.) The state may not impose “excessive fines”, “excessive bail”, nor may they impose cruel and unusual punishments. (That is pretty wide open and subjective – it could have been written better).

9.) The rights you have may well exist beyond what is spoken of in the Bill of Rights.

10.) Any powers not delegated to the Federal government in the Constitution will be the responsibility and authority of the individual states and/or the people themselves.

The Federal government has absolutely destroyed this Amendment!


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