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How To Protect Yourself If Admitted To The Hospital (Revised & Updated)

Remember, hospitals have a battery of attorneys and are in business to make money. They are also, to a very significant extent, in bed with Big Pharma, the government and the insurance industry The link below may help. (as a disclaimer, this writer is not licensed to practice law and does not claim to be […]

No One Ever Complied Their Way Out Of Totalitarianism & Dictatorship!

Take the “STUPID” test Do you trust the government? Yes No Do you trust the news media? Yes No Do you trust the central bank? Yes No If you answered yes to any of the three questions above, YOU”RE A FOOL!!! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any […]

Vaccinated 3X’s As Likely To End Up In The Hospital!