FYI – Masks Disclaimer!

N95 Mask Manufacturer Declares That Masks Don’t Protect You From Getting A Virus

Confirmation HERE by one TV station is interesting. They confirm the truth of the disclaimer on the manufacturer’s box, but at the same time, they say “That does not mean you should not wear a mask.” Really, who says and why – the explanation is weak and flawed. The leftists just don’t get it. We’re not as stupid as you think we are.


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  1. Don’t panic!! Vendors are standing by with truckloads of CJ ‘End Times’ swim fins so you can be safe when the CJ ‘End Times’ tsunami roars through. Wear your single swim fin at work, at home, and at play. You can’t be too safe. If you work at a cramped Starbuck’s behind the counter, WEAR YOUR SWIM FIN for safety. You will thank me later


    1. I should thank you now – later may be too late.


      1. I give up. The swim fin idea is as lame as wearing surgical masks to block viruses. It is easy to find 1,000 studies by physicians and epidemiologists that all claim and demonstrate that the mask idea was meant to cause harm.


  2. As the quote goes; “There’s statisticians and damned liars.” Good sense and history combine to be excellent tools for staying alive and well.


    1. Since these swine can not molest and rape us, they will have to be satisfied with temporarily having their stooges legislate our wearing these useless masks, which DO help when sanding wood or metal and all. My revenge will be FORCING masktards to wear one swim fin whenever their foot is attached to them, 24/7, in anticipation of the CJ ‘End Times’ pageant’s ‘End Times’ tsunami. Such a tsunami was most result of the creation of the creator of The Hawaiian Islands, being the antipode for the massive asteroid which blasted the 35 mile wide crater off the coast of Iraq some 7-10,000 years ago. I want to see an entire staff at a Starbuck’s who are convinced they want to wear masks in perpetuity also ordered to wear one swim fin while working behind the counter at Starbuck’s. 7 of these folks scrambling to serve coffee whjle wearing a swim fin. I would tip more.


  3. You have inspired me – I am investing in swim fins.


    1. Cruise the reef. Avoid bleeding into the water. Sharks bite. My comment above was taken from my uneditted version. I tried to communicate that the Hawaiian islands could well have been created as the antipode of the huge meteor which impacted the Indian Ocean maybe 7,000 to 12,000 years ago, It had to be travelling at a VERY high velocity, and so would have caused a MAJOR shock wave to cross through the earth and punch out the crust on the other, not necessarily opposite, side. The geology and topography of the Hawaiian islands is not a series of nice neat symmetrical cone shapes, and features broken rocks on the ocean bottom up to 250 miles away from where they originally were. THAT means an incredible impact and explosion. A-holes like the UN, British royalty, Justin Castro, Killary Stab Kitty Clinton that buggar Klaus Schwab, bore me and should be forcibly removed and taken elsewhere. I knew some of the guys that started Microsoft. Bill Gates’ father and gangster Jack Abramoff provided endless cocaine and runaway girls. The first major contracts were with Boeing and Lockheed making weapons to kill little brown people. I told them to “[CENSORED] off”. These masks are more of the same. We must die so they can have more. If you refrain from wearing swim fins 24/7 and just use them to cruise your favorite body of water, it will actually improve your chances at old age above the sheeple.


  4. I have no problem with just wearing them when I cruise my “favorite body of water”, but are you telling me I should not invest in swim fin manufacturers. It seems like it’s that or Planned Parenthood following the path of Bill’s daddy.


    1. 300 MILLION American sheeple are currently wearing surgical masks which provide ZERO protection from viruses until people start spitting on each other. 300 million times replacements. BILLIONS of face masks@ about $1.00-$2.00 each…….swim fins, @ about $20.00 a pair, given mass production, BILLIONS of pairs of swim fins, which of course, considering work conditions similar to Starbuck’s or a fast food or shopping establishment, would lead to damaged fins needing replacement. Multiply mask production times two, or just 1:1 because only one swim fin would provide considerable advantage when the ‘CJ ‘End Times’ pageant tsunami hits, and wearing TWO swim fins while at work may well be unreasonable. We must be sensitive to the nature of sheeple’s job requirements. I see a real opportunity here. There would be a TOTAL cessation of looting and thefts because NOBODY can run very fast wearing swim fins. It can’t lose. Major Puddin’, Tulsi Gabbard, could be talked into bringing proposed legislation to the House.


  5. I am not a genius, but Keystone Kops movies used a distortion lens which magnified objects near the bottom of the screen to make their feet look bigger, especially as they ran. Such a lens could be used to aid getting workers used to the new condition, by using actors wearing smaller fins in a training film, while being videoed with a distortion lens like the one used to make politicians heads to look bigger than life. My grandfather’s cousin made a mint back in 1936 when he caught the CFR using such a lens to make FDR look like he had a very large head. Ben Bernanke, Obama, Bush, Clintons, Creepy Joementia, et al, typically use such a lens. Ben Fulford too uses such a lens. Look at one of his photos, and notice the huge distorted head image. Maybe Juan O. Savin would be interested.


  6. I think you are on to something. Not only that, but many people have athlete’s foot, and if so, then the swim fins must be decontaminated (another point of sale opportunity), or the fins must be replaced so as not to offend people with foot odor or spread additional contaminants.

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    1. …add $5.00 a unit for safety.


  7. This could tie in with the rock band Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Now we’re talking some really big money and some heavy power plays.


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