How To Protect Yourself If You Have To Go Into The Hospital!

When You Go Into The Hospital, You Are Outnumbered & At A disadvantage

When you are admitted to the hospital, you sign all sorts of releases from liability to protect the hospital. You do have a Patient’s Bill of Rights that the hospital must show you. Additionally, this writer has composed the legal document below for the purpose of avoiding being murdered in the hospital. Apparently in Nebraska, the Federal government pays the hospitals there $400K to handle COVID patients. Any conflict of interest there? Don’t sign anything until the below is signed – the hospital could get sued if they don’t admit you in an urgent situation, so they are between a rock and a hard place if you insist this be signed first. Follow the protocols carefully.

When Hospital Patient Agreement

This agreement, hereafter referred to as Agreement, is between patient _________________________________,

hereafter referred to as Patient, and the hospital, or medical facility, ___________________________________, hereafter referred to as Provider, and all parties who are signatories to this Agreement do hereby recognize this Agreement as superseding any and all agreements signed at the time of the Patient’s admission for and under the Provider’s care, and as such the signatories to this Agreement agree to the following list of 6 (Six) items, and anything not mentioned in this following list will then revert to the admissions agreement that the Provider requires for services, treatment and medications not listed in this Agreement and which are usual and customary in the Provider’s purview of it’s everyday business practices.  The Provider will have a signatory who is an officer of the corporation and/or a general administrator overseeing the entire operation of the Provider.  In all cases, the Provider will operate in the best interests of the Patient and Patient’s agents and assigns as they see fit, and if Patient is incapable (in an unconscious or delirious state) of representing him or herself, then an agent or assign of the Patient may sign on his/her behalf.  Signatories for purposes of this agreement recognize only two sexes/genders – male (him) and female (her).

The following items will be forbidden to the Provider to utilize or benefit from in any way, shape, or form:

1.)  The Provider agrees in regard to the admitted Patient that no monies will be received by any government agency, Federal, Regional, State, County or Municipal or related vehicle, whether formally or informally recognized by the Provider or any agents or assigns who represent the Provider, unless and until the Patient is released with a clean bill of health, and the following points immediately below are also observed faithfully and completely.

2.)  The Provider agrees that the Provider will under no circumstances perform any testing for COVID or any diseases related to (Example – “Variants”) or of a similar nature to COVID.  This would specifically apply to any testing for viruses which will not be allowed nor paid for by the Patient or Patient’s agents or assigns.

3.)  The Provider agrees that under no circumstances will they intubate the Patient.

4.)  The Provider agrees to refrain from using any medications which are known to have deadly side effects or highly deleterious side effects such as Remdesivir, and vaccines unless requested in writing by the Patient or 2 (two) of the Patient’s agents and/or assigns,but not limited specifically to those listed medications only.

5.)  The Provider is admitting the Patient with the understanding that the Patient is mentally competent (unless attested to otherwise and in writing by at least two (2) of Patient’s agents and/or assigns) and as such, Patient may be, upon 30, or less, minutes notice, at Patient’s (or Patient’s agents and/or assigns) own request, discharged and released without delays and/or disputation on the part of the Provider or Provider’s agents or assigns.  Additionally, upon admittance, the Patient’s immediate family members, agents and/or assigns will be allowed to visit during normal posted visiting hours, and if no posted hours exist, then Patient’s agents and assigns will be able to visit, at least 2 at a time, 7 (Seven) days a week between the hours of 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in person and in close proximity – meaning less than 6.1 (six and one tenth) feet anywhere in Provider’s facility except for med/surg.  Patient will be allowed to have a spouse, one sibling, or one child to sleep in the Patient’s room overnight.  Patient’s breathing will not be impeded by having to wear a face or head covering.

6.)  If there is any doubt or disputation as to the veracity and efficacy of any Federal or State regulations and/or protocols from the NIH, CDC, HHS, Medicare, Medicaid or any other Federal or State agency not listed here, then the Provider and its agents and assigns will be, not only free to, but obligated to pursue that which is by medical consensus considered acceptable and beneficial practices to aid in the Patient’s full recovery with that as the sole goal, and that can, with judicious and prudent practices, include off label uses of well-established and safe drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as just two examples, but not limited to these examples only.

__________________________________________                       __________________________________________                   

Provider Signature & Title            Date                Patient Signature or Rep    Date

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