Veteran’s Day!

War Is Hell No Matter How Aloof You Try To Remain

When Viet Nam War Veterans came home to America, they were cursed and spat upon for being “baby killers”. Ironically, the same mentality that decried them as baby killers went on to support abortion which became legal first in Colorado and then throughout America. Abortion kills babies – human babies – not monkeys or blobs of protoplasm. Those who fought in WW II, are called the “greatest generation”. And yet, that generation allowed for America’s submersion into a Constitution destroying world government body called the U.N. (United Nations). WW I veterans fought because they were the generation that allowed for the beginning of the Constitution destroying Federal Reserve undermining America’s financial sovereignty. The North of America fought the South of America to supposedly settle the issue of slavery, but in the process it became a Constitution destroying usurpation of state’s rights destroying the 10th Amendment from that as well as the 17th Amendment which was passed later.

The point this writer is trying to make is that all wars are 1.) banker’s wars, and 2.) started for the purpose of undermining freedom and Constitutional government which is designed to restrain evil. This piece is not to discredit those brave men/women willing to fight for what they believed was a justifiable war against a legitimate enemy. At the same time, can those who went to fight be exonerated from the responsibility to see through the charade presented to them in such a way as to unify them against a contrived enemy?

For example, England ended slavery with no violence at all. Most Americans during the Civil War and leading up to it were against slavery. Efforts were underway in the south to ultimately eliminate slavery. The vast majority of Southerners did not own a slave. Not only that, but there were blacks who owned slaves! In fact, it was black tribes in Africa who sold their black brothers from other tribes into slavery. Yet, after all of that, the leftists of America continue to use America’s history of slavery as a wedge to keep black and white people separated and hating each other. See how segregated housing is now fashionable on college campuses today. We have CRT (Critical Race Theory) which is a form of reverse discrimination against white people. So, what was the point of the Civil War?

Europe was sold down the river to socialism as a result of WW I and WW II. Adolf Hitler was dictator of Germany and the NAZI Party which was an acronym for National Socialists. Socialism is just legalized thievery by the wealthy who run the government by proxy as they are concealed in the shadows. So, what was the point of WW I and II?

Viet Nam is now a prosperous nation that is Communist and in the orbit of Communist China. So what was the point of the Viet Nam war? In these cases and others, the wars were to increase power in the hands of a few. Why do Americans fight in Afghanistan and Iraq while freedoms are being lost in America? Should they be fighting in those wars or not? The American warrior is always under the impression that he/she is fighting for “freedom” and to protect “our way of life” (the Constitution) in America. If that is true, then that is a noble thing to do. It is the contention of this writer that the American warrior has been deceived and misused. Therefore, do not lose sight of the ultimate reason for Veteran’s Day.. Everything has a purpose, and we need to understand what that purpose is and to ferret out the lies and stand for the truth!


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