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Video – Numerous Democrats On Camera Calling For The Defunding Of Police. Dems Trying To Distance Themselves From That Now That Elections Are On The Horizon Again.

Video – Dem after Dem calling for “defunding” the police HERE. What the Democrats won’t tell you is that once they’ve purged the police departments from reasonably well trained diverse policemen/women, then they will replace them with ideologically correct police under the authority of a totalitarian central government – seig heil all you NAZI scum!. […]

Have You Ever Noticed….?

Have you ever noticed that although the left will fight viciously amongst themselves, when it comes to uniting, they always come out unanimously against the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, Christians, the founding fathers, and Biblical principles. Do you think that’s by chance, or design? SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel […]