NAZI America – What Are You Going To Do About It?

Larry Klayman – Smart Attorney – Argued Successfully Before Supreme Court

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Over twenty federal agents assembled before dawn outside the home of my client.

Outfitted in tactical gear and prepared for war, the FBI agents raided his home and handcuffed him, and two families in the home, in front of two terrified children aged 3 and 7. They would not let him speak with a lawyer, when he asked if he could. And they seized all of his cell phones and computers which are needed to earn a living.

My client, Siaka Massaquoi, is a conservative black activist and an actor in Hollywood.

On January 6th, he was peacefully protesting at the Capitol which was his First Amendment right.

Now, he’s been labeled as a “domestic terrorist” by the media, Nancy Pelosi’s evil Democrats and the Biden-Harris regime as part their power grab to acquire even more, that is total, power – and they’re using the U.S. Department of Justice, my once proud alma mater, and its FBI as a their “secret police” to do it.

That’s why I’ve filed a Class Action Lawsuit against FBI Director Christopher Wray, the involved special agents and the FBI as a whole for deploying Gestapo tactics against Siaka and other innocent Americans.

Help me stop them today by donating to our lawsuit.
Under the Biden-Harris regime , the socialist stooges of the radical left, the FBI has been ordered to go after those persons and entities that will stand up to, protest or even criticize their tyranny and what has become a near total leftist takeover of our beloved nation.

And January 6th has given them the excuse to kick in the doors of any American they can themselves define as an “extremist”. Usually, the targets are so called “white domestic terrorists”, meaning white people in general. But my brave client Siaka Massquoi breaks this mold. As a conservative black person – all blacks are supposed to be leftist and anti-Trump – Siaka is a conservative and pro-Trump. Thus, under the Biden-Harris regime he is a bad example and must be destroyed.

To date, nearly 800 persons have been arrested and nearly 600 have been charged as a result of their alleged participation in the Capitol protests – but they won’t stop there. To make matters worse corrupt federal judges – the lackeys of the establishments of both political parties – are generally not granting bail, and sending even peaceful protesters to federal prison to await their trial. The outrageous reason; President Trump is still spewing the so called “Big Lie” and he will incite violence again by these peaceful protesters. Some of these corrupt judges have even told the Biden Justice Department to increase the criminal charges to felonies – and many were so charged – predicting that if the peaceful protesters are held to to misdemeanor convictions, there will be more January 6ths. WHAT A CROCK OF EXPLETIVE DELETED!

While Biden’s Justice Department is dropping nearly all cases against violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists who destroyed Portland, they’re gearing up to kick in the doors and terrorize many American patriots who believe in Liberty.

Back our class action lawsuit here.
My client, Siaka, was lucky. I’ve told him that.

Most younger Americans don’t recall when Vicki Weaver and her 14-year-old son, Sammy, were shot in cold blood by federal agents.

They weren’t watching live in 1993 as that building in Waco was ignited by the federal government, murdering 76 men, women and children.

And, as the lawyer of Cliven Bundy, I am sure that you remember how his family was assaulted and surrounded by federal government sharpshooters on the Bundy Ranch, and then falsely prosecuted, when he stood up to federal government tyranny under the Obama-Biden regime. Thank God that we finally got the indictment dismissed, but only after Cliven and his sons were left to rot in federal prison for almost two years, when it was disclosed at the eventual trial that FBI and Bureau of Land Managers lied on the witness stand, with the complicity of the federal government DOJ prosecutors. Some BLM agents even had a “kill list” on the heads of the Bundys hanging in their offices.

I remember it! You remember it!

And it’s clear to me that if we don’t stop the FBI and the Biden Justice Department now, their actions will trigger counter-violence and ignite a bloody revolt, something which January 6, was not! WE NEED TO DO ALL WE AS AMERICANS CAN PEACEFULLY AND LEGALLY TO PREVENT THIS!

Help me stop them now.

The FBI has been hijacked and turned into Biden’s and Harris’s own “personal Gestapo,” as the stooges of the Biden and Harris regime.

The FBI, this once noble and necessary agency, and the Biden Justice Department have been turned into a terrifying para-military squad that kicks in your door before dawn that can take you away in front of your children.

Sadly they have been turned into the new American Gestapo of what has also become the beginning of a Fourth Reich, right here in our country!

And it’s our obligation to use Constitutional law to stop them!

Join me and fighting back today.

With Gratitude,

Yours in Freedom and Liberty

Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman, Esq
Chairman and General Counsel
Freedom Watch

P.S. I took on the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno’s Justice Department countless times as the head of Judicial Watch. Reno was ruthless, but what I’m seeing build now will pale in comparison. Help fund our Class Action lawsuit against the FBI and stop the use of Gestapo tactics against American patriots. Remember that I am the only lawyer ever to have a president found liable for committing a crime. This occurred with Slick Willy Clinton and it’s about the happen again with those who would terrorize us and abridge our freedoms under the Biden-Harris regime.

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