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 July 23, 2021Help fund RenewAmericaRENEWAMERICA STAFF � RenewAmerica has partnered with multi-national pro-life organization Real Estate for Life to help sustain the work of RenewAmerica. Real Estate for Life is a faith-based real estate network that funds “gospel of life groups worldwide.”… (more)

 July 23, 2021Apologists for CommunistsJERRY NEWCOMBE � As the Cuban crisis unfolds, we are seeing an unprecedented number of protesters. Some of these dissidents could lose their lives for their bravery. A friend of mine from church is from Cuba. Carlos was a political prisoner for 18 months in his home country. His crime? Trying to escape Cuba. Eventually he did escape. I asked him about today’s protests. He said, “62 years later–this is the first time the people arose. It’s not over. At least they’re not afraid to protest anymore. At this point they have nothing to lose.” One would add–except for their lives…. (more)
Cubans warn students about Marxist indoctrination [VIDEO] (Art Moore)

 July 23, 2021Gallup: U.S. race relations at lowest point in 20 yearsNEWSMAX � Fifty-seven percent of U.S. adults say relations between Black and white Americans are “somewhat” or “very” bad, according to a new Gallup poll. Forty-two percent of Americans say relations between the two groups are “very” or “somewhat” good. Gallup says it marks the second consecutive year adults’ positive rating of relations between Black and white Americans are at their lowest point in 20 years…. (more)

 July 23, 2021Rasmussen poll: Majority want BLM protests inquiry, more than Jan. 6NEWSMAX � As House leaders engage in a standoff over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 panel, a poll found that likely voters are more supportive of investigating the social injustice demonstrations that roiled the nation last summer…. (more)
Au Revoir! Antifa and BLM rioters are finally going to prison (PJ Media)

 July 22, 2021Radio host Larry Elder wins fight to enter California recallNEWSMAX � A California judge has cleared the way for conservative talk radio host Larry Elder to join the field of candidates for an upcoming recall election aimed at removing Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom from office. Elder scored a swift victory Wednesday in a Sacramento court, where he challenged a decision by state election officials to block him from the September recall ballot…. (more)
Poll: Conservative talk show host Larry Elder leads race to replace Calif. Gov. Newsom (Newsmax)

 July 22, 2021Mississippi asks U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. WadeNEWSMAX � The state of Mississippi on Thursday urged the U.S. Supreme Court in a major case set to be argued in its next term to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling that recognized that women have a constitutional right to obtain an abortion. Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, a Republican, said in papers filed with the court that the Roe v. Wade ruling and a subsequent 1992 decision that affirmed it were both “egregiously wrong” and that state legislatures should have more leeway to restrict abortion. The court has a 6-3 conservative majority…. (more)
Supremes told: constitutionally, Roe should be overturned (WorldNetDaily)

 July 22, 2021McCarthy pulls all 5 GOP picks for Jan. 6 panel after Pelosi rejects 2NEWSMAX � House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rejected two Republicans tapped by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to sit on a committee investigating the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, a decision McCarthy denounced as “an egregious abuse of power.” McCarthy said the GOP will not participate in the investigation if Democrats do not accept the members he appointed…. (more)

 July 22, 2021Ret. Lt. Gen. Kellogg to Newsmax: Milley should resign as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [VIDEO]He has engaged in �seditious behavior on his part�NEWSMAX � Gen. Mark Milley should resign as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman after making “seditious” comments, Army Ret. Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg told Newsmax. Kellogg appeared on Tuesday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” and was asked about statements attributed to Milley, who in a new book says he feared former President Donald Trump and allies might attempt to use the military to stay in office…. (more)

 July 21, 2021Sen. Paul, Dr. Fauci trade accusations at Senate hearingNEWSMAX � Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci clashed at a Senate Health Committee hearing on Tuesday after the Kentucky Republican implied that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director had previously lied to Congress about the role the National Institutes of Health (NIH) played in funding controversial research in Wuhan, China, the National Review reported…. (more)
Dr. Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul clash during congressional hearing [VIDEO] (YouTube)Meme: Dr. Rand Paul responds to Dr. Fauci denying that the National Institutes of Health was responsible for funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab (Facebook)Rand Paul: I will be seeking a criminal referral against Fauci for lying to Congress [VIDEO] (Breitbart)

 July 21, 2021Stew Peters interviews international patent expert Dr. David Martin about creation of the COVID vaccines [VIDEO]NOTE: This video – and related videos below – are posted for your information in the debate over COVID vaccines: You decideBITCHUTE � Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin and exposes the bio-weapons makers and many who are involved in or deliberately ignoring the evident genocide, including the DOJ…. (more)
Dr. David Martin bio (WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization)After Hannity’s viral plea to ‘take COVID seriously,’ Tucker Carlson continues to promote vaccine skepticism [VIDEO] (Yahoo News)Tucker, July 19: Fugitives from Texas give us a COVID object lesson: �The vaccines don�t work� [VIDEO] (BitChute)Tucker, July 21: �Bizarre govt updates on vaccine deaths� (go to 16:40); �Vaccine coercion� (go to 18:50) [VIDEO] (BitChute)Full interview: There is no variant, not novel, no pandemic. Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich [VIDEO] (BitChute)Top medical inventor: Covid mRNA ‘vaccine’ not a vaccine [VIDEO] (Rumble)

 July 19, 2021Dr. T – UK medical doctor – experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ and genocide [VIDEO]BITCHUTE � British medical doctor weighs in on Covid vaccines. Mask, swabs & the C19 “vaccines” – the potential of undisclosed ingredients, nano-biotech, and hypothesis to the mechanism of injury…. (more)
Canadian surgeon canceled for supporting informed consent for COVID-19 shots (LifeSiteNews)

 July 19, 2021Eric Clapton says he reserves ‘the right to cancel’ shows at venues that require proof of vaccinationDAILY WIRE � Eric Clapton wants nothing to do with vaccine passports — and that includes at his own concerts. Responding to an announcement from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that anyone wanting to enter nightclubs or other crowded venues will have to show proof of COVID vaccination beginning in September, the legendary rock star issued a statement Wednesday…. (more)
Eric Clapton�s anti-vaccine diatribe blames �propaganda� for �disastrous� experience (Rolling Stone)Behind the vaccine veil: Doctor cites �whistleblowers� inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans (

 July 19, 2021The Jew haters in power were very carefully taughtJOAN SWIRSKY � In 1949, the trailblazing anti-racist musical “South Pacific”—-created by composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II—-debuted on Broadway to wild critical acclaim, running for over five years in nearly 2,000 performances…. (more)

 July 19, 2021Fix the 2020 election steal – or show us how 2022 and 2024 matterSYLVIA THOMPSON � On November 3, 2020, after Donald Trump won the presidential election (likely by popular vote and the Electoral College count), some of us simply could not believe what transpired later. The fiasco beginning on November 4 and continuing to this day will go down in history as the time America began its nosedive into oblivion…. (more)
Back-up of Patricia Dickson commentary [VIDEO] (BitChute)

 July 19, 2021Exclusive audio: Listen to January 6 detainees sing the National Anthem [AUDIO]AMERICAN GREATNESS � Dozens of Americans held in a Washington D.C. jail have been incarcerated for months awaiting trials that aren’t scheduled to begin until next year. Joe Biden’s Justice Department has repeatedly sought pre-trial detention for Americans who, on January 6, protested Biden’s election…. (more)

 July 18, 2021Two more Texas Democrats test positive for COVID after fleeing election voteFive Texas Democrats have now tested positive on their Washington visitFOX NEWS � Two more Texas Democrats have tested positive for coronavirus during their trip to Washington, D.C., just one day after three of their colleagues learned they had contracted the virus as well. According to the Texas Tribune, the number of COVID-positive Texas state lawmakers in the nation’s capital is now five. The news comes on the same day that Vice President Kamala Harris dropped by Walter Reed Medical Center for a “routine” visit after meeting with the group of lawmakers just last week…. (more)
2 more Texas Dems who fled state to block GOP voting bill test positive for COVID (New York Post)Shameless in Skedaddle: Five Texas Democrat runaways, all vaccinated, snag China flu (PJ Media)Eye-popping price tag for Texas Democrats’ runaway stunt revealed (Western Journal)

 July 18, 2021Dr. Fauci embarrasses himself while trying to mock Fox NewsMakes ‘historically illiterate remark’ on CNN about vaccinesPJ MEDIA � On Saturday, Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN’s Jim Acosta that if the smallpox vaccine and the polio vaccine faced the kind of “misinformation” directed at the COVID-19 vaccine, both diseases would still be a problem in the United States today. Yet a recent MIT study found that vaccine hesitancy is “highly informed, scientifically literate,” and “sophisticated,” and both the smallpox vaccine and the polio vaccine faced steep hurdles and opposition…. (more)
MIT study: Vaccine hesitancy is ‘highly informed, scientifically literate,’ and ‘sophisticated’ (PJ Media)

 July 17, 2021AZ state senator demands Biden electors be recalled, new election be held after shocking audit revelationsWESTERN JOURNAL � In the wake of the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election results, one GOP Arizona state senator is demanding that the state’s electors – which went for President Joe Biden – be recalled, and a new election be conducted in the state. In a Twitter thread on Thursday, state Sen. Wendy Rogers said the revelations from the audit were severe enough that she thought the election needed to be rerun. “I have heard enough,” Rogers tweeted…. (more)
Arizona Republican calls for new election after audit flags tens of thousands of ballots (LifeSiteNews)Wendy Rogers (Ballotpedia)Arizona AG calls for secretary of state’s voter fraud referrals (Newsmax)Election investigations move forward in Pennsylvania, other states, as Arizona audit winds down (LifeSiteNews)

 July 17, 2021Canadian surgeon fired for supporting informed consent for COVID-19 shots [VIDEO—first 25 minutes a must-see]Dr. Francis Christian was canceled for voicing medical concerns about giving COVID jab to childrenLIFESITENEWS � In this episode of the John-Henry Westen Show, I speak with Dr. Francis Christian, a former surgeon and clinical professor at the University of Saskatchewan. We discuss what led the university to fire him from positions he himself started, as well as the growing “dystopian tyranny” by world governments, the media and tech companies, and Big Pharma…. (more)
WATCH�NY coronavirus doctor: Faith in ‘sociopaths’ like Fauci ‘a very foolish choice’ [VIDEO] (LifeSiteNews)Doctor who pioneered hydroxychloroquine/zinc treatment for COVID-19 speaks to LifeSite (LifeSiteNews)Dr. Peter McCullough: �Whistleblowers� inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans [VIDEO] (

 July 17, 2021Despite accusations from Dems, no Jan. 6 protesters have been charged with treason or seditionC. DOUGLAS GOLDEN � Remember that talk about charging participants in the Capitol incursion with treason or sedition? Yeah, so about that. It hasn’t been happening. It was never going to happen. Despite President Joe Biden’s administration being determined to treat the events of Jan. 6 as an existential threat to our democracy, one that needed to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and then some, not a single charge of treason or sedition has been levied against the 500-plus people thus far charged, according to a Tuesday report from The Associated Press…. (more)

 July 15, 2021Tucker Carlson: Why is Gen. Milley still in command?Points out military chief tried to destroy civilian control of ranksBOB UNRUH � Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has a question: Why is Mark Milley still the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Biden administration. The question is there because, Carlson explained in a commentary published on Fox, that Milley “has repeatedly tried to subvert civilian control of the U.S. military.” That concept in America puts the military under the direction of a civilian president — and is important because the reverse — the military control of national politics, actually is a military dictatorship…. (more)
Tucker Carlson: The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be fired [VIDEO] (Fox News)

 July 15, 2021As Arizona audit winds down, auditors are still denied access to Maricopa County routersRouters are needed to access voting machinesJUST THE NEWS � As the contentious audit of Maricopa County, Arizona’s 2020 election results draws nearer to a close, audit officials still lack access to computer equipment that auditors believe is critical to ensure a full review of the county’s records. Maricopa County officials in May refused to hand over routers requested by election auditors at the time, claiming that to do so would pose a security risk due to the county’s intermingling of various departments on multiple routers…. (more)
Wisconsin next? GOP lawmaker asks for forensic audit of 2020 election (Just the News)Georgia secretary of state explains why he�s just now discovering more than 10,000 illegal votes cast in 2020 (The Federalist]

 July 15, 2021The time for school choice is nowJERRY NEWCOMBE � An old story tells of a big, successful store with a plaque in the employees’ lounge which read: “Rule #1. The customer’s always right. Rule #2. If you ever think the customer is wrong, reread Rule #1.” I bring this up because the public school education establishment (as distinguished from the rank and file teachers, many of whom are dedicated public servants), often treat their customers as if they’re wrong and the education elites know better than the dumb parents…. (more)
The single best thing you can do to retake America (Dennis Prager)K-12: Infantilization (Bruce Deitrick Price)K-12: Commies and Liberals in bed together (Bruce Deitrick Price)

 July 15, 2021Tucker hosts explosive interview with actor Jon Voight on faith [VIDEO]MUST SEEYOUTUBE � Actor Jon Voight joined “Tucker Carlson Today” to discuss a religious experience that changed his life…. (more)
‘Help me save America’: Kristi Noem says governors must step up, during CPAC 2021 speech [VIDEO] (YouTube)

July 23, 2021‘Trump Card: The Movie’Dinesh D’Souza’s most important film yetDINESH D’SOUZA � Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, Trump Card, leads the charge against the new face of Socialism! The Left is fighting harder than ever to destroy the Land of the Free. “Beating Socialism, corruption, and the Deep State”: this film is a must-watch for every freedom-loving American. See trailer…. (more)


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