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Empiricism – Do You Know What It Is? Do You Know How It Affects You?

Empiricism HERE. Supplementary comment: Psalm 14 (excerpted) The God who sits enthroned on high The foolish in their heart deny; Not one does good; corrupt in thought, Unrighteous works their hands have wrought. —Psalter Hymnal “What things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals— these are the very things that destroy them.” What is […]

Repost – Covid – Government Says It’s Good To Get Vaccinated.

VIDEO – MORE DEADLY THAN ALL OF U.S. HISTORY – COVID 19 VACCINE IS DEADLY! VACCINATIONS, COERCION, AND BIG BROTHER Posted onMay 25, 2021 Everywhere we find coercion, threats and bribes being used to get people to get the vaxx: Full and complete voluntary consent is the name of the game when it comes to receiving […]