Help – I Need Jokes!!!

Laughter Is Good For The Soul!

I need jokes. Conservatives seem to be lacking humor. If you have any jokes that are real knee slappers (corny is o.k.) and they expose the foolishness of the leftist, Democrat politicians, and ideologies, then please send them on to the comment section!



  1. Boyd Brian · · Reply

    The Texan went to Harvard and walked up to a group of Ivy Leagers chatting amongst themselves.
    The Texan stood there a brief moment and interjected a question, interrupting the group, saying “yall know where the library’s at?” The group went silent but one stared down at the man, and pulled the pipe from his mouth and bluntly stated,”My good man, we here at Harvard do not end our sentences with a preposition. If you’d care to rephrase your question, we would gladly reconsider it.”

    Well with that, the Texan stepped back and rubbed his chin and said “y’all know where the library’s at Assholes?”

    Hope that makes your day!


    1. LOL that’s a keeper – thanks đź‘Ť – send more whenever you have them!


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