Latvia – Legislates Only A Man & A Woman Can Comprise A Family & Marriage!

Apparently If You Are Opposed To Perversion, You’re A Fascist

Latvia cruelly votes to put homophobic hate at the heart of its constitution

Emma Powys Maurice January 14, 2021

LatviaLatvia has changed its law to exclude same-sex couples from the definition of ‘family’ (Envato)The Republic of Latvia has voted to define family solely as “a union of a male and female person”, excluding the country’s countless loving LGBT+ families.On Thursday (14 January) the Latvian parliament, or Saeima, voted 47-25 for an amendment to the constitution stipulating that a family unit consists of a marriage between a woman and a man. Section 110 of the constitution will now read: “The state protects and supports marriage – a union between a man and a woman, a family based on marriage, blood relation or adoption, the rights of parents and a child, including the right to grow up in a family based on a mother (woman) and father (man).”The vote came in response to a pro-LGBT+ ruling last year by the constitutional court which confirmed that parents in a family can also be same-sex, and imposed on the state the “obligation to protect and support” them as well.But National Alliance leader Raivis Dzintars declared that the court had violated its powers, creating a “definition of a family that is not acceptable to the general public in Latvia”.“Latvia is a democratic country with a diversity of views and respect for every citizen. But at the same time, there are values ​​that have been especially close and even sacred to our nation and its culture for hundreds of years,” he told Skaties. “One of these values ​​is the understanding of the family, which is based on the father and mother – man and woman – and their children. Until now, such an understanding seemed self-evident, but with the decision of the constitutional court it is questioned.” The decision represents a huge setback for the Latvian LGBT+ community, and yet another troubling example of the anti-LGBT+ rhetoric sweeping across eastern Europe.“Today’s vote in the Latvian Parliament threw us back to the times when being an openly homophobic politician was a thing to be proud of,” tweeted activist Kristine Garina of the European Pride Organisers Association.“Forty-seven members of the parliament voted YES to proceed with ‘same-sex families are not families’ statement to be added to the constitution.” Latvian politician Marija Golubeva described the move as a “call for discrimination” and an attempt to separate families into right and wrong.“Support for these changes is a mockery of the principles of a democratic state, and I call for their rejection,” she urged the parliament.


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  1. Jovetwelve · · Reply

    The title is BS. There is no such thing as “homophobia.” Nobody has a phobia of homosexuals. A phobia is a clinical, scientific term that refers to fears that can be documented. A true phobic can even go into paralysis near the object of fear. Nobody goes into paralysis just because they come near a homosexual. Homosexuals show they hate science every time they use that term.

    No, the term “homophobia” only proves how mentally damaged, delusional, and unstable the homosexual community is. They use the term to demonize anyone who dares disagree with them. I am sure they would call me “homophobic” even though I am an ex-homosexual, making it impossible for me to be “homophobic.”


    1. An interesting thought and observation.


  2. Hans Schneider · · Reply

    still some sensible nations around


    1. Not many, but a few. I like Hungary too. They have a bench warrant out for the arrest of George Soros if he ever steps foot in his home country.


  3. Curmudgeon · · Reply

    “…excluding the country’s countless loving LGBT+ families.”
    According to UN projections, the population of Latvia is 1,875,334. A colossal stretch of the LBGT+families would be 5%, or 93,767 people. Hardly “countless”. A more accurate reality of LBGT would be 2%, around 37,507. The dishonesty of LBGT+family is this: children will always be family of the natural parent, but not necessarily the the spouse.


    1. There are certainly plenty of hyperbole to go around.


    2. The idea of family (in a traditional Biblical sense) is anachronistic today. Family, today, is a nebulous idea that can be whatever you want it to be at the time you want it to be, and it can change at any time and does not require any committment.


  4. Makes perfect sense.

    I would add the following:
    Homos should remain quiet about their relationships. They can do as they please in their own homes, but not in public. No homo politics allowed.


    1. There have been judicial rulings in the past that have even declared no deviation in your home. The particular case in question was when a man took a minor boy into his home and displayed some pornography to him. The man was tried and convicted of a crime. Not today, you can buggar your buddy in broad daylight and not suffer any serious consequences.


  5. Mylesius Hibernicus: · · Reply

    I am looking for a new country to live—-to get away from the LBGTWho-gives-a-damn—-deranged West: Latvia just moved to the top of the list:


    1. There are a lot of expatriates and more all of the time. America is not a panacea, and is definitely not a safe place today for anyone, but especially not for Christians, Constitutionalists, and conservatives.


  6. Disagreement is hate?


    1. For the warm and fuzzy left, disagreement is hate and unacceptable. You must conform to the politically correct currents of the day. Of course, they have proven to vary, vacillate and be vague, and reject virtue which doesn’t change while values do.


  7. Sharon Gibbster-Monster · · Reply

    The SODOMITES are upset.


    1. They will always be “upset” until they get 100% of what they want, and if that ever happens, then everyone but homosexuals will be upset, and the homosexuals will want to kill all of those people. Ultimately the homosexual is on a suicidal path to total destruction.


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