Suppressing The Truth In Unrighteousness

Suppressint Truth Through Censorship

Historically, people seeking to gain and/or keep power have had to silence those who might either speak out against them, or try to expose their machinations being used to achieve their goal(s).

Romans 1:18 says; “The wicked suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” This quote goes back nearly 2000 years, so this is nothing new. Now, there may be a time and a place to censor something. An example would be the sexual molestation and exploitation of children through internet pornography which goes on all of the time, and is a truth. So, in the case of the quote from Romans, we are talking about suppressing the objective and good truth of God’s word.

Why would people want to do that? If you read the first three chapters of the Book of Romans, you will see that the wicked are clearly defined as sleazy sexual degenerates and immoral people openly violating God’s laws. In that context, if you were one of the wicked, would you not want to suppress the truth of God’s word and law so that it would make it easier for you to continue conducting your behavior of gratifying your pleasure without recriminations?

This gratification often is at the expense of individuals who are molested, raped, and dragged down to the level of the wicked. These activities are dragging down the morality and yes, the “self-esteem” of those who participate in this vile conduct. As it is certain that this defiles the individual, it also destroys an entire society. The wicked have to drag everyone down to their level, so that they can feel good about themselves. It allows them to justify their existence.

In contrast, Christianity tries to raise everyone up to the highest level of morality with Christ and God’s law as the ultimate example to follow. History is replete with examples of moral decline. Cultures, or societies, have advanced to the point of prosperity and leisure, at which time they seem to decline morally and ultimately they disappear from the landscape. Then society learns from the decline and restores a high standard of morality and advances again only to decline again.

The Bible recounts this on numerous occasions. America, in its founding, was established under a Christian morality and Protestant work ethic. As a result, it prospered beyond the wildest dreams of its founders. Think about it; in 250 years, America went from being a rural agrarian society with only the most rudimentary of technology, to a nation with rockets to the moon, electricity, indoor plumbing, instant telephone communication, food abundance, television, automobiles, and a doubling of its life span. Yes, 100 years ago, the average life span was a mere 40 years, and now is 80 years.

This incredible advancement and prosperity has led us to a moral decline that violates every precept and law of the Bible. We are plagued with homosexuality, transgenderism, massive debt, intrusive and corrupt government, wide spread drug addiction, alcoholism, promiscuous sex, children out of wedlock, abortion of over a million children a year, racism, twisting of Scripture and so on.

God will not be mocked, and therefore, you will see a decline not only in American morals at this point, but you will see a decline in American prosperity, individual freedom, health, life span etc. The Bible, which is hated by the wicked who run America today, lays out the way to live and to prosper. If we as a nation reject that, then we reject God, and in rejecting God, we reject His blessing and mercies. God is beginning to judge America today, and it is this writer’s daily prayer that there be repentance, revival and reformation of the American nation. The alternative is too miserable to think about, and yet we must understand it and vociferously oppose it.


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