What Does It Mean When….

Big Tech’s & China’s Man – Ho Biden

……23,000 ballots come into the polling station (dominated by Democrats) in the wee hours of the morning under the cover of darkness, and everyone of them is for HO (Joe) Biden?

From former Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg:

Massive Voter Fraud

I don’t take such a title as this lightly. But from my vantage point in Colorado it is easy to see how one party is positioned to shift vote totals in many ways

On election night Donald Trump was heading to an easy electoral college victory, with most of the states he had focused on coming his way. Then the big political machines of the Left stepped in, paused the countingrefused to let poll watchers for the President observe and proceeded to find ballots that were just enough to move the vote tallies their direction. Some of the ballots now being counted were included in defiance of state law, as they had been received after the statutory deadlines.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich told Newsmax TV that election fraud runs deep and is widespread in large Democrat-controlled cities.

We have seen this before, but it was never on such a scale. It has also been fortified by big media and big tech censoring the facts and promoting their own narratives. The fix is in and we are looking at the real possibility of being forced to live with the consequences.

Here in Colorado the setup for active voter fraud was facilitated with House Bill 1303 in 2013, which at the time I called the Voter Fraud Act. This bill threw Colorado into all mail ballot elections, eliminated precinct polling places, immediately dumped into the active voter lists all inactive voters where there was still an address attached to the file (over 300,000 ballots were then mailed out to these “voters”), and the bill, now law, allowed same-day voter registration. HB13-1303 made Colorado ripe for voter fraud. 

Then in 2019 Polis and his legislature sealed up Colorado’s election future with SB19-235. Here is my description, as published in UNMASKED2020, page 26: “…SB-235, Automatic Voter Registration, may be the worst of all the new election laws here in Colorado, ever. It directs all state agencies to register to vote everyone who contacts their office for any reason. This includes Medicaid, where at least 25% of the population is on their roles. SB-235 will result in the state automatically registering many thousands of non-citizens. Election integrity was significantly compromised by SB-235.”

What we have been enduring for several years in Colorado is now being played out on the national scene.

I trust the President will fight this to the end, not just for his election, but for the integrity of the election system, that currently is proving too weak to guarantee each citizen has a vote that counts. I also hope that the respective state legislatures will take their constitutional oath seriouslyArticle II, Section 1, paragraph 2 gives the state legislature of every state the authority and responsibility to determine how electors from their state shall be selected. If the regular election is corrupted with irreversible fraud, it is their responsibility to hold a new, more carefully controlled election, or the legislature can select the presidential electors themselves.

Here in Colorado it is time for a serious audit of our voter registration roles. I suggest we start right here in Larimer county and drill down to a significant sampling of voters’ individual records to validate how accurate our voter roles have become.

With this random sample from the voter registrations answers to the following questions should be determined: Is there a valid citizen listed? Are they really living in the county? Are they registered to vote elsewhere (I am told the Colorado Secretary of State withdrew Colorado from a system where states cross checked their voter roles with other states)? Did they vote in the last election, or could some other person have gotten their ballot and vote with it? What was the custody of their ballot? Did they mail it, or drop it in an official drop box, or did some one else take the ballot and promise to deliver it?

All of these questions must be asked of a representative, random sampling to give us confidence in the current system, or learn the cold, hard reality that your vote may have been nullified by illegitimate votes.


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