Welcome To The “New Normal”!


The New Normal – Very Stinky!

By now, you’ve heard the expression “New Normal” bandied about by all of the talking heads, politicians, big business, etc.  So, what is the “New Normal”, who decided it was the “New Normal”, what is its purpose, and do we have to accept the “New Normal”?

First of all; the “what” must be established.  The “New Normal” first and foremost is living in abject fear of getting a deadly disease and therefore is mandatory for all that follows.  What follows is most disheartening; wearing of masks, limited gatherings, no touching, “social distancing”, limited access to businesses, substantially reduced personalized relationships due to all of this, and therefore reduced caring for our fellow man, families, and church members.

The new normal creates apprehension, if not downright fear, of one’s fellow man – even within a family unit.  It establishes protocols that if not followed are looked upon with disdain and serious concern.  In fact, and particularly, if one does not follow the protocols, they may, and likely will be at some point, subject to social and/or criminal sanctions.  Neighbors and family members will keep each other in check by notifying authorities of any variance or transgressions of the protocols.  Enforcement officers are being trained and hired now for the purpose of following through on those notifications.

Sanctions and punishments will start out simple and mild, but as people who are outside the box, so to speak, do not conform, the sanctions and punishments will become much more severe, and even draconian to the extent of long term incarceration, forfeiture of all assets, and even capital punishment.  By the time that becomes reality, the general populace will be so firmly entrenched in the fear and protocols that turning over your mother to the authorities will be doing a service to your mother, or more likely to the “greater good”.  Yes, in a collectivist (Socialist/Communist) society, the “greater good” always takes precedence over the individual.

So, who decided that a “New Normal” was in order and needed to be implemented?  Ah, here comes the rub.  It happened kind of suddenly and all at once over a relatively short time period by everyone in some kind of authoritarian positions; doctors, medical experts, virologists, governors, mayors, legislators, media talking heads etc. better known as the establishment, and they all seemed to be pretty monolithic in their reaction, and prescription for a solution.

Yes, the narrative did vary some initially, until everyone got on the same page.  Of course for those experts and citizens who didn’t get on the same page, they were ignored by the fed’s, states, cities, media etc.  It was decided by the establishment’s tools of Google, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. to censor any opposing views to the establishment’s doctrinaire findings and proscriptions.  Call it a new “Dark Ages” if you will.  Of course, you can’t silence everyone all at once and completely, but if you can get 90% – 95% to go along with the agenda, most of the rest will fall in line eventually, and the few who don’t can be eliminated.

From this, it should be clear that the purpose of all of this is to control people in every facet of their lives.  A list of facets would include, all behavior, economic liberty, liberty of speech, movement, ability to defend oneself, liberty to own property, liberty  to live at peace, liberty to worship within the Biblical teaching in particular, liberty to marry and have children, liberty to read materials contrary to the “purpose”, liberty to write as this author has done for years and so on.

Do we have to accept this “New Normal”?  The answer to that question depends on who “we” is, and the degree of acceptance.  If “we” amounts to a percent or two of the population, then accepting it all will be hard to avoid.  If the “we” is 5% of the population,  there is a very remote chance that the doom pronounced upon us can be resisted and overthrown.  The government has technology, weapons of war and a will to get everyone to submit.  If the “we” is 10% of the population, then it’s possible they might be able to start a nation within a nation, and separate themselves from all of this cruelty and enslavement.  Life would be very hard, and they might just annihilate the 10% and be done with it, and they would be an example to the rest not to step out of line.  If the “we” is 20%, then civil war is a very real possibility and it’s highly likely that some, if not a large percentage of the remaining 80%, would join and fight with the 20%

If 30% of the population were to resist, then the establishment might go back to the drawing boards and rethink their strategies and propaganda.  If 40% resist, the establishment might just lay low for a few years and try again.  If 50% then the establishment might just shut up for a long time.  If 60% or more, they may just run for cover.  So, you can see how important it is to keep us divided so that the “we” never becomes too strong.  The answer to the question is that if the “we” is united and strong enough, “No!” we don’t have to accept it!  Where do you stand?


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