Is America A Democracy?


Likely, everyone agrees that a Democracy is rule by the majority.  What if the majority votes to abolish the Constitution – does that mean that the “Supreme law of the land” is no longer valid?  Does that mean that our inalienable rights are no longer inalienable? Does that mean that we are no longer “endowed by our Creator…”?  Does that mean “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” is out the window?  Does that mean that we no longer have the right to speak, assemble, worship God as we please etc.?  What if the people who vote for the termination of the Constitution took an oath before being installed into office that they would “uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic”?

If all that is so, then we will devolve into a dictatorship with a tyranny that will be unparalleled in history.  Why?  We have technology today that facilitates the forced dispersion of people assembling for the redress of their grievances.  It amounts to loud noise people can’t stand and have to leave the area, and microwaves that start to cook people if they don’t get out of range.  We have drones that can drop a bomb or fire 50 caliber bullets  or send missiles from 35,000 feet (out of naked eye sight) which are accurate enough to hit a beach ball size target on the ground below.  Of course, there are the usual crowd dispersion technologies like gas, billy clubs, tanks etc.  Also, let’s not forget that the government has most everyone’s picture, and there are cameras now that can photograph a crowd of thousands and blow up every face to a point of identification at which point they can track you; arrest and/or prosecute/persecute you.

The founding fathers did not give us a democracy, but the corporate media leftists, liberals, Democrats, Democratic Socialists et. al. would like you to believe they did.  The proper function under our Constitution is that any elected official having been installed into office under a lawful oath to obey the Constitution, must say “No” to voters when they ask that official to support and vote for something that is unconstitutional.  That should not be too hard to understand, but the mass indoctrination of Americans in corrupted curriculum controlled government school systems would have us all believe differently.  Would the government ever teach you what they don’t want you to know? And, are they currently teaching you what they do want you to know?

What does the government want you to know?  They want you to know that you are a peon, and the elite will tell you what to do.  They want you to believe America is a democracy.  They want you to believe that blacks hate whites and whites hate blacks.  They want you to believe that anal sex and fornication are all o.k.  They want you to believe that abortion is a “choice” that can be made with no consequences other than for Planned Parenthood to profit in the billions of dollars.  They want you to believe that socialism is a viable and desirable economic system (when it is actually an unjust legalized thievery system that benefits the rich).  They want you to believe that protesting violent street thugs like ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist) are justified in beating up their political opponents.  They want you to believe that Christians are unworthy to exist – anachronistic, the Bible is irrelevant and the state is god!  They want you to believe that conservatives are a cold hearted bunch who hate minorities, and that the Democrats and liberals are a warm hearted, benevolent kind, generous (with your money) bunch of people who are indispensable to the world.  There’s more, but that is sufficient for now.


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  1. Democracy is the government of the majority. Since most are made up of idiots, so …


    1. “idiots” and people who are ruled by their emotions instead of objective law be it the Constitution or preferably the 10 Commandments and their ancillary statutes in Scripture – something the Democrats, Neocon Republicans, atheists, agnostics, sexually immoral and phony professing Christians hate. Man shakes his fist at God and says he “will not have God rule over him!” God laughs and has him in derision. Man can’t fight God and win – He created man and rules the universe and all that’s in it. America, when it honored God, prospered more than any other nation in history. Freedom under Biblical precepts led to the greatest amassing of knowledge and material wealth the world has ever seen. Now we are returning to a dark age where even science that was once revered is being cast aside in favor of superstitions like “climate change”, “hate crimes” child sacrifices (abortion) and rampant sexual immorality, and criminals let loose on the population. Hold on to your hat and your wallet, because it’s going to be quite a ride, and I think it may last a long time.


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