What Makes The Democrats Thrive? What Makes Them Angry? The Democrat Fraud Is Now Thoroughly Exposed!!!


In a nutshell, Democrats thrive on misery and divisiveness.  How does this writer know that?  Look at the issues they push, and that’s not to say that none of these issues exist; no, they do exist, but they are not, without Democrat stimulation, in the forefront of the population’ minds.




The environment (pollution, global climate emergency etc.)

Police brutality

Unlimited immigration without qualifications

Drug liberalization

Sexual liberation

Reduced discipline and incarceration.  (Undermining of the Constitution)

Denigrate all but secular religions

Let’s take a look.  In regard to racism, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Whites all live, work and get educated together with minimal problems.  Are there some agitators in the crowd; yes, of course, but they are a minimal factor overall.  The bought and paid for corporate leftist/Marxist/Socialist Democrat supporting fake news media (both electronic and print) fuel the fires of racism, and then the Democrats jump on the band wagon wailing and gnashing their teeth over the gross injustices they claim are rampant on every street corner ubiquitously prevailing over every moment and thought of every person’s life.  The average man on the street who is too busy to go and do original research has a tendency to believe what he/she hears and sees on the controlled media.  Then out of compassion or anger (depending upon which side of the aisle you’re on), they go and vote Democrat.

With some slightly different twists, poverty receives the same M.O. (modus operandi – Latin for Law enforcement’s description of criminal behavior – translates to Method of Operation), with an appeal for egalitarianism which amounts to stealing from the haves and giving to the have nots until everyone but the politicians and their billionaire bosses are have nots – in other words, they want everyone equally poor and miserable except for themselves.

Inequality is a term that can deal with social, political, ideological, philosophical, material, and economic parity.  They want us all to think, live and be the same – good little “Do Be’s”.

The environment is a strategy that has been a manipulation tool ever since the fake conservative, President Richard Nixon, signed into law the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which happens to turn a blind eye to all of the polluters who give them bribes.  Since that betrayal of America, the advance to a world “climate emergency” has visited us with a vengeance, and we are being assaulted constantly with fear mongering and threats of total devastation if we don’t get rid of the internal combustion engine (Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth).  It should be duly noted that Al Gore has become a billionaire by selling carbon credits.  He also uses 13 times the average American’s power consumption in his first home in Tennessee.  Not to be outdone, Gore has also bought a beach front home in Los Angeles; apparently, he is not worried about the rising ocean levels that his fellow environmentalist are lamenting as the future horror if we don’t do something NOW!!!!   It’s all hypocrisy.  Also, the Democrat supported environmentalists want us stop using coal and fossil fuels.  They want us to stop eating meat etc.  Meanwhile these hypocrites burn millions of gallons of fuel while they jet around the world for their phony conferences.

The cry of police brutality is a tool to stifle law enforcement from doing their job, but only on certain types of crime.  If you’re a black, a leftist or some politically correct and favored minority, then you are exempt from the law, and police who enforce the law against those special people are inflicting brutality and need to be restrained.  We have observable evidence and testimony both of Democratic Socialist city Mayors in Oakland, California,  Pennsylvania, North Carolina etc. who have told the police to stand down regarding ANTIFA (an anarchist group of Marxists, Communists, Socialists etc.), and while turning a blind eye to ANTIFA clubbing Trump Supporters, the Democrats blame the Trump and his supporters.

Unlimited immigration without qualifications may just be the most powerful and effective tool the Democrats have engineered so far.  Until well into the 20th century, Ellis Island was the method of vetting and identifying immigrants.  The Movie Godfather has a scene confirming that HERE.  Greater research and exposition of the situation would demonstrate the following; to emigrate to America (before the Democrats and Neocon Republicans implemented their treason against America), you had to: 1.) be healthy, and you were quarantined if you had a disease that was curable (see movie link above), and if incurable, you were sent home, 2.)  you had to be physically capable to do work – no quadriplegics, 3.)  You had to have a talent or skill that was employable, or you had to have money to live on, 4.)  If not number 3, then you had to have a family sponsor who would take you in and feed and house you until you could launch yourself as a productive member of society, 5.) you could not be a criminal, 6.) and you must be identified by name and country of origin.  Under the Democrats today, you don’t need anything, you can be a criminal, and you don’t need to assimilate in any way shape or form, and you are immediately eligible for welfare, food stamps (SNAP), free education, free medical care, and now to be able to vote in local and national elections.  Hey Democrats; any problem with Vladimir Putin coming over and casting his ballot – maybe he could just do an absentee ballot – save him the time, trouble and expense.

Drug liberalization is insidiously subtle and evil.  Having indulged in the drug culture at one point in this writer’s life, experience is reflected in these comments.  Let it be known, that this writer would prefer, instead of illegal or legal status, the decriminalization of drugs.  Why is that so?  If drugs are illegal, then they get very expensive and promote crime causing the need for more police, jails and courts to be necessary, adding to the cost and intrusiveness of government, and a single indiscretion on the part of an individual could lead to a lifetime of misery.  Legalizing drugs opens the door to more government regulatory agencies and promotion of the legal drugs in order to generate more tax revenues.  Decriminalization keeps the government out.  Should a person under the influence and who causes injury, death or destruction receive punishment accordingly – yes; most emphatically yes!  The Democrats want either to have them legal or illegal, but either way, they want the government involved.

Sexual liberalization is another extremely insidious move in our society’s history.  Sexuality is the most intimate aspect in anyone’s life.  Retaining that aspect of one’s life in such a fashion that it is only shared with one person is the best way to keep it as intimate as possible.  When people open up sexually, they share their problems, frustrations, anger, ideology, philosophy, politics etc. with no hesitation or reservation, and sometimes with reckless abandon.  Multiple sexual partners reduces the idea of intimacy and privacy.  It releases a lot of inhibitions that are characteristic of people’s protective nature of themselves.  It’s led to massive numbers of abortions which is a litmus test for being a Democrat; you must be pro-choice.

Ultimately, it lowers (in today’s vernacular) one’s self esteem and self restraint.  It lowers the moral standard of a society/culture, and leads to rampant fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, bestiality, necromancy, lying, cheating, stealing, jealousies, murder and social decay.  Of course, this then opens the door to more government intrusion and control of people in that declining rudderless society.  What an opportunity for Democrats to take over and dictate their intellectually dishonest, morally bereft, tyrannical authoritarian ideology.

Reduced discipline and incarceration adds to the chaos, and the people will not long put up with chaos.  Chaos leads to order, but not the order of the Constitutional republic that the founders of America gave us, but an order of dictatorship and the abolition of the rule of law and individual liberty.   Think rationally for just a moment.  If you take criminals who commit minor crimes and tell them they are not going to be prosecuted. then the standard for crime has been raised, and the standard of good behavior has been lowered.

If, as the new D.A. of San Francisco has said, there will be no prosecution of life style crimes such as urinating in public, sleeping on the sidewalk (vagrancy) etc., then people will fear less the authorities.   Now, you have groups of people who walk into a store like a 7-11; pick up stuff, and walk out without paying.  The minimum wage store clerk is not going to risk bodily harm to stop this, and therefore it will only escalate.  Does anyone think that if you can get it for free that you’re going to pay for it?  Of course not, and especially when you don’t have any money anyway, or the money you have you’d rather spend where stealing is more difficult if not impossible.  These are problems that are being over looked now.  Who pays for the stolen stuff?  Many people pay.  The owner of the store is the first to pay, and he/she either has to absorb the loss, pass it on in price increases, or go out of business.  There are no other options, because he/she will be excoriated by the Democrats if he/she tries to protect their interests with security and scrutiny.  As a result, he will ultimately raise prices to the general public if he stays in business.  Everyone pays for shoplifting/theft.

To top all of this, the leftist lawless Democrats want to release an abundance of criminals from prison, and not put in any replacements as crimes are committed.  How long will the citizenry put up with this?  That’s hard to say, but the typical M.O. is that at some point people will feel so unsafe and be so incensed that they will cry for the authorities (Democratic legislators, mayors, city councils and NGO’s) to make and enforce laws severely.  Bye bye freedom, privacy, property rights and your bank account, but this will have no effect on the Democrat leaders and their billionaire handlers.

Denigrating all but secular religions, and particularly Christianity, is the most critical lynch pin of all.  Christianity is the foundational morality of America.  No, this is not to say that America was ever exclusively Christian.  America was founded primarily by Christians and those influenced by Christianity.  If the Biblical commands of Christianity to not lie, cheat, steal, murder, blaspheme, envy, covet, abandon God and His word, are essentially gone, then what do we have in its place?  Just the opposite!  Democrats are on record as objecting to the use of the word or acknowledgement of God in any or our governmental operations or philosophies which have led to all of the above listed problems.


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