Separation Of Church & State – Good, Bad Or Indifferent?


Those who want a separation of church and state; that is to say the most vocal of proponents, have oft misquoted Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Baptist Church of Danbury Connecticut in which he called for a “wall of separation”.  In its fullest context, Jefferson was assuring the Baptists that the government had no business establishing Presbyterian churches or Congregationalists or Baptists over any other church denominations.

Jefferson was not calling for a moral vacuum.  Even though Jefferson leaned in the direction of being a deist (one who believes God got the ball rolling, and then left it all up to man after that); he still supported the basic moral principles of the Bible, although he may have rejected certain Theological and doctrinal understandings.  Jefferson did not support murder, lying, stealing, fraud, homosexuality and (open) adultery – there is some question as to his own sexual activities.

Let’s not focus too heavily on Jefferson.  Let’s look at the issue at hand.  Does the Church have any justification and/or historical basis for influencing and/or running a government?  On the flip side, does the government have any business directing or influencing the church?  America is a very different country structurally from any other country in the world.  America has a Constitution that is a.) a restraint on government, and b.) a mechanism for the administration of government.  The Constitution has no moral foundation in its text.  There is a brief preamble that declares the purpose of it, and then it goes into the mechanics of administering government.

This is a huge flaw in our Federal system of government.  The precursor to the Constitution is the Declaration of Independence.  The DOI declared the moral precepts for the Constitution, but was never codified into law – a big mistake!   The DOI explained in detail why a new government was needed, and what the objectives and moral foundations were for instituting a new government.  To interject here a philosophical quote from a John Donne poem; “No man is an island.”  The saying points out that man does not live in isolation from his fellow man.  (“man”, throughout this piece, is a universal reference to homo-sapiens and not a white racist/sexist rant).

To follow that idea for a moment, man has to survive, and he will do so in a joint effort with other men.  First comes the family unit which is closely allied in its relationships and purposes.  As groups of families join together, you end up with communities.  From communities, societies develop.  Out of societies, nations develop.  Starting with the family, there ends up through natural functions, a form or order and authority.  The patriarch, or whomever, will determine the understanding for the family as to what is right and wrong; what is good and bad; what is acceptable, and unacceptable, and what the form of discipline/punishment and/or rewards will be for the behavior in question.  It is so basic a function, that it happens naturally, and virtually without question.  That is not to say there will be no resistance, and/or rebellion against that presupposed authority.  What it means is that the “collective” family has agreed upon what will prevail as the rule for all.

So far, what has been left out is any outside sources for understanding the structure of families, communities, societies and nations.  By outside sources, this writer means an objective source – one that does not succumb to the prejudices, fallacies and frailties of “man”.  Historically, the only Entity that falls into that category, has been God; the God of all Creation; the God Who authored the Bible by speaking through His Holy Spirit to man so that man would write down what He said.  And, what did He say?  The Bible is a book of philosophy, history, prophecy fulfilled, moral precepts and laws governing man’s behavior individually and collectively within the society of families, churches, communities, societies and nations with the ultimate objective of spiritual salvation.  There is no sphere, according to God in the Bible, over which He is not Sovereign.

This of course alienates the separation of church and state people to no end and causes all sorts of contention.  Additionally, inarticulate and/or fake or very poorly educated Christians compound the problem through their ignorant and misinformed zeal.  Separation of church and state is actually a Biblically correct precept.  Please allow for an explanation.  It is clear in the Old Testament (Tanakh) that the King does not command the church, and the Priests do not run the government.  They are two distinctly different spheres over which God rules.  On the other hand, the Bible is replete with instances of the King rebuking miscreant Priests, and Priests rebuking miscreant Kings as well as one or the other stepping out of line and being punished for it.  They hold each other’s feet to the fire when they cross the line.

The Bible says murder is wrong, and defines murder as the unlawful premeditated taking of a human life.  If the state does such iniquity, the Priests have a duty to hold the King/state accountable.  If the Priests (as they did) have ritual harlotry and idol worship, the King has a duty to excoriate them for that, and even take legal state action against them to stop such unbiblical wickedness.

So, as we see, separation of church and state is Biblical, although each has accountability to God.  Where the rub comes in today, is that we, as a society/nation, have come to the point where we are separating state and Biblical morality.  In other words, Biblical morality, and therefore morality in general, has become a democratic determination (majority rule) instead of an objective command from God.  As a result, abortion/infanticide has become a legally accepted societal function.  Recreational drug use (condemned in the Bible) has become accepted.  Witchcraft, paganism and idolatry have become accepted.  Organized theft through socialism has become accepted.  Rampant adultery and divorce have become accepted.  Fornication has become accepted.  Homosexuality and various aberrant sexuality is legal.   Dishonest weights and measures (our fiat monetary system) has become heavily instituted over the last century.  Debt is staggering, and Scripture says; “The borrower is slave to the lender.”  The standard for both private and public behavior has been either substantially lowered, or eliminated all together.

As King David in the Psalms laments; “What can the righteous do when the foundation is destroyed?”  What is the “foundation”?  It is God’s Word/Law.  As the foundation is being destroyed, we see the blessings we’ve enjoyed disappearing, and in their place, curses from Deuteronomy 28 replacing the former blessing in America.  We now have diseases, not seen since the Middle Ages, creeping across America from the most degenerate cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They will ultimately come to your neighborhood unless there is widespread repentance and reformation of our nation.

To conclude, separation of church and state is just fine, but separation of Biblical morality and state is not good.  We are reaping the bitter fruits of that twisted concept.  Restore Biblical morality in America, or lose America, your Christian liberty, maybe your family, freedom and property as well!  This is more serious than a collective heart attack!


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