Are You A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)?


What is a social justice warrior (SJW)?   Let’s parse it word by word.  Social is human interaction individually or collectively.  Justice is the satisfactory conclusion to a difference of opinion or violent action.  Warrior is someone who fights with reckless abandon against an enemy or ideology that is contrary to that person’s belief system and/or life style.  As you will see below, the SJW is in large part anti-social, unjust, and cowardly meaning they do not confront equals one on one face to face to fight.

None of the SJW definition is in and of itself  bad.  In fact none of that has a real qualitative value to it by itself.  In order for it to have meaning, you have to establish a social network, a basis for what has to be adjudicated to arrive at the “satisfactory conclusion”, and in that, you must also establish the rightness of the cause and/or object of the cause.  Lastly, you must organize the fighters in order to have sufficient capability to accomplish the “satisfactory conclusion”.

Once these objectives have been established, then you have a battle line that is drawn, and it is then incumbent upon people to choose one side or the other.  The zeal of the SJW will not allow for any fence sitters or neutrality.  Anyone who does not join the SJW’s cause is subject to some form of  social to violent pressures.  Excommunication from social activities is certainly one way, and we see that today when people are shut down (“deplatformed”/”defunded”) on You Tube, Facebook and Twitter for their thinking when it does not comport with the SJW’s thinking.  This of course is a low level of fighting, and is frustrating for the victim; especially if the victim is hurt financially.

Another method of intimidating pressure is to “dox” someone.  Doxxing is the utilization of information (available publicly or through insider information through government agencies) to alert the SJW’s as to the targeted person’s full name, wife/husband’s name, children’s names, home address, home or cell phone numbers etc.  This then leads to SJW’s protesting in front of the person’s home (Tucker Carlson from FOX News being one example).  This of course indirectly intimidates the individual’s neighbors, and may create a certain form of isolation and shunning by the neighbors because they don’t like their neighborhood disquieted by the protesters.  Under any circumstance, it makes the resident of the home very uncomfortable and vulnerable.

The next level is to be publicly harassed and intimidated when seen in public supporting the opposing view to the SJW.  This is currently taking place with well financed (thanks George Soros) masked groups like Antifa (Anti Fascist), BLM (Black Lives Matter), BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), CPUSA (Communist Party U.S.A.), and there are other lesser known groups as well.  These groups are protected by the mayors of Democratically controlled cities telling the police to stand down when these protesters violate the laws.  If by chance these violent protesters get arrested, then the judges have been instructed to favor them in court and let them off easy if they suffer any punishment at all.  The harassment and intimidation comes in the form of getting into someone’s face and yelling at them and making accusations as to how bad these people being confronted are.  It may also include blocking their movements physically.

The following is a step which has also taken place, and that is to publicly riot; break and burn things.  It also includes milkshaking (throwing a liquid concrete chemical mix on people),  hitting and clubbing people who are doing no more than being in the place they are at the same time as the protesters listed above (see Andy Ngo video).  They may or may not be related to any activity being protested.  Some of these protesters are now starting to carry large knives and guns, and it’s only a matter of time before they use them.

As the tensions heighten, we may see fire bombs, grenades, firearms, flame throwers etc. being used against the SJW’s enemy or perceived enemy.  At this point and time, the police who have been told by corrupt mayors to stand down will have to react, and then there will be rioting in the street and at least the perception of civil war.  The media will make a lot of hay out of this kind of action, and will vilify and excoriate the police for doing their job, and at the same time they will provide lots of sympathetic air time on TV and radio for the SJW’s, and the TV face of the SJW’s will be strong but gentle.  It will be mild mannered and pleading for understanding that the “system” is not working, and that they are being oppressed (Communist language).

Following the Gramcian Strategy (pressure from below, pressure from above), the street rioting (financed by the Ford Foundation, George Soros and their ilk) will lead  politicians (Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, AOC, Warren, Sanders, O’Rourke et. al.) to legislate all sorts of restrictive and nonsensical laws that will leave the average person with less freedom, privacy, money and property.  The squeeze will be on, and the people in the middle ((hard working, taxpaying, honest Christian or favorably disposed to Christianity citizens) will be pitted against wealth tyrants and a tyrannical government at the top and rioting thugs in the street at the bottom.  That will be the foundation of the revolution.  At that point, the middle class (the enemy of Communism) will have to ultimately act with violent resistance, or they will have to go quietly to the reeducation camps where they will be worked to death, or change their attitude to love “Big Brother“.


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