A List Of Criminal Activity That No Longer Warrants Bail – These People Will Be Immediately Unleashed On The Public & The Number Of Victims & The Rise In Crime Will Be Horrific. Bail Bondsmen Unite! Or, Go Out Of Business!


The Fruit Of Crime Boss George Soros & His Financing District Attorney Candidates!

The District Attorneys Association of the State of New York released a list of charges that will no longer qualify a suspect to be held on bail, WTEN reported.

  • Assault in the third degree  (the 15th arrest is the charm!)
  • Aggravated vehicular assault  (may be safer than shooting or stabbing someone?)
  • Aggravated assault upon a person less than eleven  (watch out 11 year olds!)  P.S. Here’s what just happened in New Jersey next door!
  • Criminally negligent homicide  (hey, I didn’t see the guy when I pulled the trigger)
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide  (easier than shooting or stabbing)
  • Manslaughter in the second degree  (at least the “first” degree is still important)
  • Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree
  • Coercion in the first degree
  • Arson in the third and fourth degree
  • Grand larceny in the first degree  (over $1,000 at least & sometimes over $5,000)
  • Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds or criminal possession of a firearm (where are the gun control liberal bleeding hearts on this one?)
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and second degree
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance in the first and second degree
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds
  • Specified felony drug offenses involving the use of children, including the use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense and criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child  (can you say “kids at risk?”)
  • Criminal solicitation first degree & criminal facilitation in first degree  (Organized?)
  • Money laundering supporting terrorism in the third & fourth degree  (Patriot Act?)
  • Making a terroristic threat  (Hate crimes o.k. now?)
  • Patronizing a person for prostitution in a school zone
  • Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child  (Kids are just sex toys)
  • Possessing obscene sexual performance by child  (Perverts celebrate go porno)
  • Promoting sexual performance by child  (Might as well profit while you’re at it.)
  • Failure to register as a sex offender  (No need to even have the registry)
  • Obstructing governmental administration in the first and second degree
  • Obstructing governmental administration by means of a self-defense spray device
  • Bribery in the first degree  (Politicians will have a field day with this one.)
  • Bribe giving for public office  (what did I say?)
  • Bribe receiving in the first degree  (Ditto)
  • Promoting prison contraband in the first and second degree
  • Resisting arrest  (very encouraging – maybe hitting a cop is o.k. now?)
  • Hindering prosecution  (No problem intimidating witnesses now is there?)
  • Tampering with jurors & physical evidence  (intimidating jurors o.k. now?)
  • Aggravated harassment in first degree  (Antifa, BLM, BAMN, CPUSA etc. love this)  P.S. Occasionally, justice (of a sort) prevails!
  • Directing a laser at an aircraft in the first degree   (Hey bring down a passenger jet & score 100 points!)
  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree
  • Criminal sale of firearm to a minor  (But don’t you dare be an authorized dealer!)
  • Enterprise corruption and money laundering in the first degree
  • Aggravated cruelty to animals, over driving, torturing and injuring animals  (this is frequently a precursor, M.O., for mass murderers – where are the animal lovers on this one?)
  • Failure to provide proper sustenance  (this is pretty vague, but Communist laws are this way so that indiscriminate prosecution and favoritism can both be exercised!)
  • Animal fighting  (well, the evolutionists think we’re all animals, so you better not get caught fighting – including yelling and hate speech!)

Thanks to G. Edward Griffin for locating and publishing the above list – all commentaries and emphasis are from Pensiamento Peligroso.  One additional thought – if bail bondsmen go out of business, and you ever get arrested for a political crime,  you’ll be stuck in prison with all of the perverts and psychos!  That will be another nail in the coffin of the Constitution!


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