Trump – A Treasonous & Treacherous Tool Of The Establishment, Or An Incredibly Clever & Deceptive Opponent?

Jesus Christ says that “A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, and a good tree cannot bear bad fruit; you shall know them by their fruits.”  So, what are Donald Trump’s fruits?  (The following list is not in any particular order, and it is a long way from comprehensive let alone complete):

1.) For two and one-half years, he has done nothing to fulfill his commitment to thwart the massive military style invasion of illegal immigrants of whom many are absolutely hostile to America.  They include people from the Middleast, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia, along with a majority that come from Latin America.  They are being bused all over America and dumped in small communities as well as major cities.  They are committing violent crimes, and they are not assimilating into the American culture.  Additionally, they are, for the most part, living on the dole with food stamps (SNAP), welfare, subsidized housing, free schooling, and free medical care.  There is no wall to stop them, so they are overwhelming our public services, and they are getting preferential treatment over Americans.  Donald Trump’s threats, and jacking his jaws about it all has accomplished NOTHING!  Do you think Donald Trump is unaware of these things?  For you Trump apologists, WAKE UP FOOLS!!!  

That’s not all. 2.) Trump hired Robert F. Kennedy hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable for toxic vaccines – adjuvents contained in vaccines include Thimerosal and aluminum of which both are well known NEURO-TOXINS; can you say brain and nerve damage?  Trump has not only turned a blind eye to that debacle, and withheld any meaningful support for him, but he has turned a blind eye to the Constitutionally corrupt effort on the part of California to mandate vaccines for all adults and have criminal sanctions for anyone who doesn’t get a vaccine – how many vaccines remain to be seen (they may be limited only by how greedy the pharmaceutical industry gets).

Next, #3.) is Hillary who has been so thoroughly documented for her criminal activities including the fake dossier, uranium one, failure to keep State Department emails secure and destroying many of those emails, along with numerous other transgressions.  Donald Trump in a Presidential debate with Hillary said if he were President, he would lock her up (see link at beginning)Well?

#4.) He has turned a blind eye, and/or paid lip service to the egregious activities of Google, You Tube, Twitter, Apple, Facebook and Instagram et. al. to censor and demonetize anyone who disagrees with them and the treasonous Communist tyrannical politically correct degenerates of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialists, Neocon Republicans, the NSA, the F.B.I., the CIA along with a slew of other alphabet soup agencies that seek to overthrow freedom and individuality in America.

5.) What about eliminating all of the foreign wars of aggression and bringing the troops home?  Well, we know, just like Obama, who Trump really works for.

6.) And do you see any improvement in the voter registration situation?  Has election integrity been restored?  Does Trump even discuss the issue?

7.)  Donald Trump was going to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA), and a key factor was bringing manufacturing back to America – well?

8.)  What about the promise to create jobs by rebuilding and repairing infrastructure?

#9.) which is not the end of the list, only the last of the most egregious on the list is the fact that Trump has continued the Obama policy of spending like a drunken sailor digging us deeper into debt, and all of which is part of the Cloward & Piven Startegy to destroy America and make it a Communist state.  Is that what you Trump apologists want?  Stop being so naive!

Trump says a lot of good things, but the “fruit” is starting to rot and taste very bitter and is looking less and less like he’s a clever opponent of the establishment.  It is the opinion of this writer that the whole political scene at the federal level is nothing more than Kabuki theater!

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