Can You Answer Any Of The Following 11 Questions That The Corporate Fake News Media Won’t Even Ask?


!.)     If the pipe bombs were mailed, why were the stamps not cancelled, and why was there no post mark?

2.)    Why would you mail something to someone who doesn’t open their own mail?

3.)    Why would the personal home mailing addresses of people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama even be available to some low life mental defective – and how would he have the smarts (or illicit connection) to obtain them?  (think what would happen to you if you made the effort to find an ex-President’s home address – can you say “visit from Secret Service”?)

4.)    Why would the post office even handle what was obviously dangerous package contents, and do it 14 times without question; exhibiting total disregard for their and other’s safety?

5.)     Why would people like the news media be allowed to photograph (get close to) what presumably is a dangerous bomb that could go off at any time?

6.)     Why would somebody want a timer on a bomb designed to hurt or maim someone?  (Hey, I’ve got six hours until this goes off, I better do something about it!)

7.)     Why would someone with so many crimes in the past be allowed such freedom?

8.)     Why would the perpetrator (according to authorities) be exposed as a Trump supporter?  (his van out of which he lived was plastered with Trump stickers – uh huh!)  This guy functioned as a male stripper.  He ain’t no Christian or choir boy, and if he ever drove that van, the stickers are illegally blocking his windows – he would have been busted within minutes.

9.)     Why was the perpetrator registered as a Democrat and only recently registered as a Republican?

10.)   Why was every Twitter account that he followed a left wing or Democrat account and not a single conservative or Republican site?

11.)   Is it possible that due to the perpetrator’s filing for bankruptcy, that he was desperate for money and willing to be a “patsy” for Soros, Clinton, Obama, et. al. who are desperately trying to deflect attention from their criminal and treasonous behavior while in and out of office?

BONUS QUESTION # 12 (a Democrat Baker’s dozen)

Is it any coincidence that of those “targeted” by the “Mad Hoax Pipe Bomber” ALL are people whom the “Conservative community” considers to be criminals and traitors, and are under scrutiny if not formal investigation for their crimes of corruption, and treason in and/or out of office?

This list of questions is just the tip of the ice berg (you know the one that’s melting and will inundate planet earth because of global cooling, warming, climate change get rich quick carbon exchange/trading/Al Gorian hoaxes and schemes)!

Recently published analysis: Pipe Bomber Evidence

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  1. Jeff Simpson · · Reply

    You should also mention the fact that those stickers on the patsy’s van are illegal in Florida. He’d never go more than a couple miles without being pulled over by cops. Here’s the law:


    1. Not sure that he ever drove the van – just slept in it. You are correct that if he drove it, he would not get far.


  2. excellent, just excellent, this is what i was thinking also… thoughts were going in that direction , especially with the post office issue…..and the rule with the post office is that they have to check all packages , not letters but packages with the camera that the post offices have… how did these get through the post office ????


    1. False flag events only require a conspiratorial insider’s cover up – no logic, evidence, facts or argument can overcome a well orchestrated cover up. Look at the Kennedy assassination 55 years ago. Look at the founding of the Federal Reserve 105 years ago. Look at the French revolution over 240 years ago. The people and machinations behind the scenes are not unmasked and therefore go unpunished until their death at which time they can spend eternity in Hell.


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