Step By Step Instructions On How To Escape From Prison!


If you want to escape from prison – what?  I’m not in prison; am I?  Maybe prison should be defined first.  Here’s Webster’s Dictionary definition:

Definition of Prison 

1a state of confinement or captivity

You say; “I’m not confined or captive!”  So, let’s look at the definitions of those two words – again from Webster’s Dictionary.

Definition of Confine (2 of 2)

(2)  : to keep within limits

Definition of Captive

(1 b.)  : kept within bounds

O.K, now we’re getting somewhere!   According to Webster’s Dictionary definition of prison, it is “being kept within bounds”.  Walls, fences, borders, rivers, oceans etc. are bounds that are physical.  There are also other bounds, and that’s what is being discussed here.

There are moral (drugs, alcohol and sex), psychological (divide and conquer), emotional (corporate media – discourage and frustrate), education (government mandated schools & curriculum), health (Medicaid & Medicare insurance), financial (debt,inflation/deflation – Federal Reserve power), political (impotent voting), distractions (TV, Facebook, You Tube etc.), and legal (lawyers, lawsuits and courts) bounds to name a few.  One excellent example is that the corporate media tells you day in and day out that government is the solution to all problems; it’s possible, likely in fact, that you will submit to that thinking and will only consider looking to government to solve your problems and concerns – you will never think that you can act individually and outside of government to solve your problems yourself or privately with the help of friends, family or church.  It should be noted here that the government competes with church as it was designed and intended.

As a practical example, when people lose their jobs, many, instead of looking to friends, family or church, will go to the government for benefits including welfare, food stamps (SNAP), subsidized housing (HUD Section 8), aid to dependent children, Medicaid etc.  O.K., “So what’s wrong with that?” you say?  Here’s the problem; the government has to know everything about you in order to get these benefits.  Secondly, the government puts “BOUNDS” on what you get, and what you can do with what you get, and they can cut you off whenever they see fit.  In other words, they, by Webster’s Dictionary definition, put you in a economic, political and psychological prison.

They’ve achieved this in multiple ways.  Firstly, they have control of the economy in large part (Federal Reserve money & credit creation).  Next, they  have control of the media with regulatory agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  And lastly , they regulate various aspects (nearly all) with various regulatory agencies such as Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and many, many more regulatory agencies that meddle in every business in America (not to mention everyone’s business).  Their meddling results in huge expenses to adhere to the regulations, and additional huge expenses to legally defend themselves against bureaucratic intrusions and attacks.  On top of that, it forces businesses to pay bribes to the politicians and the various agencies to get them off of their back.  That all results in elimination of competition, because smaller businesses are unable to pay all of these extra expenses, so they either never get started, go out of business, or sell out to larger businesses which can pay the piper.  This writer has personally witnessed the demise of a business that was too small to pay the fees, make the required and needless changes, or pay the bribes (they had integrity, and would never have paid a bribe to begin with).

If you have not yet figured out how to escape the psychological, emotional, economic, political, health care, financial, and legal prison that you are in, then read the above again.  Think for yourself is the number one criteria!

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