Make America Great Again? The Question Is; When Was America Great?


The left want you to believe that the answer that Trump has was when there was slavery, because “he’s a racist”!  Here’s the rub; America was great when it minded its own business instead of minding other’s.  America was great when war had to be just and was a last resort, not as a means to an end for world hegemony.  America was great when propaganda was not the primary tool of the government for controlling thought.  America was great when its borders were protected.  America was great when it was one culture (melting pot) instead of divisive multiculturalism.  America was great when entertainment was uplifting, edifying and entertaining, not when it’s degenerate, violent, and demeaning.  America was great when America was not interdependent upon the new world order.  America was great when America made their own shoes, tools, technology, and other necessities of life and country.  America was great when America recognized God instead of playing god.  America was great when morality had objective constraints and restraints instead of subjective.  America was great when courtesy and kindness superseded rudeness and vengeance.  America was great when it didn’t answer to international opinion.  America was great when Americans helped themselves, not when America made Americans dependent upon government.  America was great when Americans picked their doctors and their doctors received no government money.  America was great when lying, cheating, sexual immorality, murder (abortion), and warmongering were considered wrong, and when honest money and dealings were right and good.  America was great when the Constitution was respected and adhered to and street riots were not the order of the day for changing people’s minds and government policy.  America was great when knowledge was pursued over ignorance.  America was great when schools taught kids how to think instead of what to think.  America was great when kids were encouraged and disciplined regardless of hurt feelings instead of  authorities turning a blind eye to bad behavior and/or encouraging it.  America was great when authority was honest and respected; not now when they are dishonest and disrespected.  America was great when the media showed no overt bias in favor of leftist politics instead of now when the media is clearly leftists, Democrats, Socialists, Communists and anti-American.  America was great when America was great, and it can be great again – only if it submits to the authority of God instead of supplanting the authority of God.

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