You Say You Want A Revolution?!


Historically what will a revolution bring?

With the exception of America’s War for Independence which was more accurately a rebellion and not a revolution, because a revolution overthrows a culture.

It will bring (except for the rich & powerful):

The end of freedom,

The end of prosperity,

The end of the dissemination of truth,

The end of safety,

The end of free speech,

The end of fee assembly,

The end of free travel,

The end of variety,

The end of protection from persecution,

The end of protection from double jeopardy (tried more than once for same thing),

The end of private property (home, car, wealth),

The end of real elections,

The end any rights,

The end of disapproved religion (Christianity in particular although this will fail),

The end of justice,

The end of the knowledge of truth,

The end of liberal arts education (replaced by indoctrination),

The end of free thinking artists,

The end of good food,

The end of consistently full bellies,

The end of clean potable water (Flint Michigan was just a precursor),

The end of the internet’s free exchange of ideas,

The end of 500 television channels,

The end of true entertainment,

The end of good medical care, (abundant hospital beds and qualified doctors)

The end of plentiful medicines,

The end of natural products and cures,

The end of quality communication through cell phones and land lines,

The end of the 4th Ammendment

The end of the right to self-defense, (vulnerable to both street & government thugs)

The end of the Constitution,

The end of rule of law.

The end of good literature,

The end of multiple news sources (just propaganda – see it already with fake news)

The end of good health,

The end of resistance to tyrannical dictatorships,

The end of privacy, (cameras, microphones, drones and spy dirigibles everywhere)

The end of the family (not likely to fully succeed),

The end of the above ground church,

The end of peace and harmony (except among true Christians),

The end of the individual will!

All this and more will befall every American except the most wealthy and powerful!  (think Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates and similar slime-balls)

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