2 Minute Video – Vigilante Justice Has Come To America, The Pedophile Community & Liberal Judges! A Decapitation Strike Has Been Done & There Will Be More As Long As Pedophiles Occupy High Office/Positions & Molest Innocent Children!!!


Decapitiation Of Pedophile!  There are extremely well trained ex-military personnel who have had enough of Pedophilia in America, and they are going to do something about it.  They are highly skilled people who know how to do a decapitation strike (literally and figuratively) and get in and out unnoticed.  They’ve done it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other parts of the world.  They are now prepared to do it in America, and this is the first example of their work.  Expect more until the pedophile network is both exposed and eliminated which means a lot of politicians, judges, clergy, corporate executives, social services personnel, children’s charities etc. etc.  Wherever there are children, there are vultures ready to prey, pounce and pervert.  The justice system no longer protects these children, so someone has to fill the void! 

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Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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  1. If you click on the bold blue link, you’ll hear the news report from a newspaper in Illinois. You can take it to the next level and find the original source if you wish. I trust my sources – they’ve been vetted over many years.


  2. I don’t believe the family members would have done such a skilled, cold and calculating approach firstly, and secondly, there is a former “special ops” guy who is fed up with all the pedophilia, and he has started an organization to expose, arrest and prosecute pedophiles. Lastly, this kind of approach is the kind of approach that an organized force would execute to accomplish their objective which obviously was to give a warning specifically to a high official (judge in this case) to clean up their act and to everyone in general as well. Because it is dealing with a moral issue, I suspect, by logical deduction, that it was not perpetrated by an immoral agent. Historically, when governments become corrupt and fail to do their jobs properly, then the people take the law into their own hands; ergo “vigilantism”. Vigilantes form during times like this, and their cause is always a moral one which would preclude an act seeking monetary, political or social rewards. It is possible the family hired someone to do this, but I would have a hard time believing that. Could I be wrong? Yes! Am I wrong? Time will tell. It should be duly noted that I am not endorsing this action, although, at the same time, I’m not wringing my hands over it either.


  3. Nobody in their right mind wants vigilantism to replace our “justice system” BUT when elements of our “justice system” are protecting and part of the Political Pedophile System, what is a well placed honest man to do?

    Lets trace this back a few decades. In the 1990s Bill and Hillary Clinton illegally obtained the FBI files on about 1000 high placed DC political players. NO ONE has ever answered for these crimes.These files contained the DIRT the FBI believed could be used to BLACKMAIL the political players. For example if the player was a PEDOPHILE this was noted. Guess what the Clintons DID?

    Since that beginning these files have grown to a Data Base of Blackmail material on tens of thousands of powerful people. Who is in this Data Base; Judges; US Senators; FBI and CIA Officials and EVERYBODY in power worth blackmailing.However I will bet the Clintons and Bushs are strangely unrepresented. LOL

    Time to open this can of worms while we still have unraped US Citizens, especially our children.



    1. As Benjamin Franklin quipped; “A secret may be kept by three if two are dead.” There’re lots of bodies, but more live people that know what the score is and who the players are. At some point this will unravel and justice will be served. In the meantime, God’s judgment in eternity will deal the ultimate blow.


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