Pensiamento Peligroso’s Response To The New York Times (Slimes) Anonymous Source Saying Bad Things About Trump!


The New York Slimes published an anonymous letter allegedly written by a White House insider in the Trump Administration.  The amazing thing about this letter is the blatant admission that there were a group of people inside the White House administration that are working assiduously to undermine the Trump administration.  That is most likely very true.  What’s not true is that they are doing this for the benefit of America.  They are doing it for the deep state and the slugs that finance the deep state like the Passeur’s, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other treasonous banking scum.

Why is treasonous activity o.k. when it’s being perpetrated by leftists media scum, bankers, Democrats (this is redundant) and other miscreants who want to push totalitarian Socialism/Communism on America?  The deep state and leftists are in a dither over their loss of credibility and power.  Having them flayed alive in the public square is too good for them.

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