Civil Rights Are Under Attack – Jack Phillips Being Targeted By The Colorado Civil Rights Commission – AGAIN!!!

Jack Phillips

Taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court and winning was just too much for the perverts who run the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  Jack Phillips has the U.S. Supreme Court on his side!  Jack is the cake baker/decorator who refused to do a cake decorating job celebrating/promoting a same sex wedding ceremony.  His argument is plain and simple; he refuses service to no person, but he refuses to use his creativity and time to promote something he finds morally repugnant and objectionable.  He’s now under attack again because a transgender person wants his creative expertise to celebrate transgenderism.  What’s next pedophilia?  How about a cake celebrating cannibalism or Satanism?

Let’s put this in perspective and apply it in a different venue.  How about if a family is celebrating nudism, and they call on a well known and respected Christian photographer to come to their home (or they come to his/her studio) and want to be photographed nude?  What if they’re porn stars and they want some porn photographed – does the Christian photographer have an obligation to accommodate that client?  How about a snuff photograph?  The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is using lawfare (suits and courts) to stifle freedom of conscience.

No, none of this has a single thing to do with accommodating customers.  This is a blatant frontal assault on Christian liberty and indirectly upon the Constitution itself which can be claimed to not be working any more.  We need a new Constitution financed by the fabulously wealthy Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros’s etc. written and implemented by their bought and paid for minions – you know; written by those unbiased people known as Democrats, Democratic Socialists/ANTIFA, Communists/ANTIFA, Fascists/ANTIFA, NAZIS/ANTIFA, Monopoly Capitalists, Socialists, Anarchists (?), and all the other leftists hoi polloi who plague the true freedom loving people of the world with their irrational, inconsistent, hypocritical, unworkable, anti-Christian, anti-individual screeds and diatribes laced with nonsense and verbal abuse that only furthers the misery of the human race.

Here’s Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg’s take on the issue; see #2:

The Lundberg Report  
From Colorado and Beyond
August 23th, 2018

1. Colofornia?  Part II

2. Masterpiece Part II 

1. Colofornia? Part II

Hickenlooper’s commission, with the euphemistic title of Colorado Air Quality Control Commission should really be called the “We Don’t Care if it Makes Good Scientific Sense, or Costs the Citizens of Colorado Thousands of Dollars, or Even Has a Meaningful Effect on Our Environment. If the Governor Wants it, the Governor Gets it Commission.”

They proved this point last week when they followed Hickenlooper’s June executive order and voted to force Colorado into the California regulations for vehicle low emissions standards. The Colorado Auto Dealers Association tells us this will translate into thousands of extra dollars for new vehicles in Colorado. Not because there will be cleaner emissions from vehicles, but because if you need a pickup or SUV, the government will levy heavy fines against the auto dealer if they don’t also sell their quota of little tiny cars. Further, about 50% of all vehicles sold in California are pickups and SUVs, in Colorado it is closer to 75%! Coloradans will either abandon the vehicles they prefer, or the penalties will be even higher in Colorado.

Auto manufacturers are already doing all they can to produce clean, safe vehicles. These heavy handed regulations don’t change that fact, they just penalize the citizens who buy the vehicles they need here in Colorado (and, by the way, the state ends up collecting a lot of money with those fines).

For more of the facts on this issue I again recommend the article I helped produce last month in The Hill. At that time we were trying to convince the Commission to at least put off their decision to adopt the “California waiver” for Colorado, at least until after we find out if the EPA is even going to continue to allow this waiver. The EPA issued a statement this month questioning the legal basis for the waiver for California. But the governor’s commission dutifully rubber stamps the governor’s edict.

BTW, if you think Hickenlooper has bad policies, just think what Polis will do to get to “100% renewables.”

2. Masterpiece, Part II

Jack Phillips follows his conscience and refuses to produce a product of which he disagrees. He does not refuse service to anyone, he just refuses to create a cake with a message he finds objectionable. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission (once again – filled with Hickenlooper appointments) demands Mr. Phillips follow their orders. The case goes all the way to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and they agree with Mr. Phillips and reverse the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s decision.

But… less than a month after the court issued their decision, another, similar complaint is lodged against Mr. Phillips and the Colorado Civil Rights Division decides to move forward to prosecute Mr. Phillips …again! The Civil Rights Division is the staff that recommends cases to the Commission. Most of their activities are conducted in secret, without any public oversight. Much of what the commission does is also in “executive session” without any public oversight. In the Senate we tried to put some limits on their secret proceedings, and make them accountable in other ways, but were not able to get any meaningful changes.

So, here we are again, prosecuting Jack Phillips.

In some ways I am glad the state is being so audacious about this, as it gives Mr. Phillips and his legal team an opportunity to push SCOTUS to address the questions they left unanswered in their first decision. There are no guarantees that this second round will end up in the high court, but it is a first step in the right direction.

The state of Colorado is denying Mr. Phillps his rights of conscience, religious liberties and trying to force him into government compelled speech. I have been fighting these battles in the legislature for years, without much progress. I trust the courts will finally give Mr. Phillips access to his inalienable rights and make Colorado a state where liberty and freedom are once again protected.

BTW, if you think Hickenlooper has bad policies, just think what Polis will do with our rights of conscience.

3. Corn Roast Parade is this Saturday

Here in Larimer County the election season continues to warm up. I will be at the Corn Roast Parade Saturday morning carrying Rob Woodward‘s sign. He is running for the senate seat I am currently holding (term limits prevent me from continuing on). Pick the candidates you like, grab their signs and join us at the parade!

For Life and  Liberty,

Kevin Lundberg
Colorado State Senator for District 15
Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee


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