Trump Questions U.S. Intelligence Community – It’s About Time!


U.S intelligence agencies fall in disrepute in the eyes of President Trump as he is questioned at a press conference.  Well, what do we know?  We know the NSA spies on Americans with reckless abandon against the law.  We know the F.B.I. has been run by tools of Hillary Clinton (James Comey’s been covering for Hillary since White Water).  We know Robert Mueller has been doing his best (not really) to find some transgression of Trump’s with which to vilify him, persecute him, and if possible, prosecute him.  We know that Hillary Clinton is a traitor who sold 25% of U.S. uranium to Russia.  We know that Hillary Clinton is a pervert along with her husband and most of her staffing.  The Clintons were participants in the child sex slave trade with their friend Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted sex offender).  We know the lying, hypocritical fake news bought and paid for corporate media is a bunch of liars with a leftist agenda to destroy America and push us into a one world Socialist government.  We know that tonight, the corporate media vilified Trump and jumped on his questioning of our intelligence agencies like they were the good guys (some are, and some are not).  We know that the corporate media pulled out all of the stops and had the usual suspects of leftist neocon Republicans (John McCain) and leftists Democrats (Chuck Shumer) come out against Trump.  This writer in not necessarily a Trump supporter – just not a Neocon, leftist, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Nazi or any other ism that denies the right of the individual to be free.  Stay tuned.

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