Autism – These Statistics Will Stun You!!!


In 1980, there were one in ten thousand children who had autism.  Today, it is 1 in 36 children have autism.  Most autistic children are severely disabled and only marginally functional.  This is becoming devastating to America to afford to take care of them, and we’re not far from it severely affecting America’s productivity.

So, why the radical transformation?  What is causing it?  In 1980, only 3 vaccines were required for young children.  Now, we’re up to 27 for young children.  Vaccines contain, peanut oil, (peanut allergies have become very common, where they weren’t before). and Thimerosal which contains mercury is another toxic ingredient, and then there’s aluminum in vaccines as well – both are known neurotoxins.

Unlike an IV, a vaccine doesn’t go into the blood stream and work itself out, instead it goes into the subcutaneous muscle tissue and stays in the body for years if not forever.  Multiple vaccines will cause a build up of these toxins until the accumulation becomes overpowering.  This writer was talked into getting a Shingles vaccine, and the side effects were unpleasant, and haven’t fully gone away after nearly five years.

If you watch television – especially prime time, and even more especially during the national news, you will see that the pharmaceutical industry owns the corporate media.  Ever since President George Bush betrayed the American people by signing the pharmaceutical bill as an addition to Medicare and Medicaid, the pharmaceutical industry has been raking in all of the taxpayer subsidies and spending a sizable portion on advertising.  The advertising causes people to demand pharmaceutical products they don’t need.  Since Bush’s betrayal, it would be interesting to know how many new and unheard of diseases have all of a sudden been discovered and presented as serious problems.

Restless leg syndrome is one that comes to mind.  This writer has had restless legs since being born.  And then there are diseases such as Ebola and Zika virus which some say were engineered by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  The CDC works hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry , and they have numerous patents themselves (even though they are a government entity).  Do you think they have an incentive to create diseases, so the pharmaceutical companies can profit from cures, so the bought and paid for corporate media can sound the alarm, so the pharmaceutical companies and make large political campaign donations, so that the politicians can continue to fund the CDC so the CDC and continue to….. ad infinitum?

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