If You Don’t Obey The Religion Of Unfettered Sex Anyway Anyone Wants To Pursue It, Then You Are Going To Be Boycotted By California! Hey, Let’s Boycott California!


Californicate’s Boycott   Hey, if you don’t embrace, or at least allow without dissent, pedophilia, groping women, buggering children, self mutilated genitalia, unlimited and unfettered pornography, sadomasochism, abolition of male/female gender identity and respective bathroom etiquette, or if you should ever so much as use the wrong terminology or some imagined activity or emotional status, then you will be punished in California.

Let’s boycott California and let the moronic Governor Moonbeam (Brown) know what Americans think of him and his hard leftist Marxist, atheistic, unnatural, perverted thinking is really worth – nothing but unaffordable taxes, death, poverty, third world economic status and destruction for all who participate.

They will be answered by their own degeneracy in that they will die of diseases, suicide, shortened life span, depression, violence in their own community etc.  God will not be mocked, and they will not outlive his judgment and sovereignty.  Their hatred of Jesus Christ and the Bible is irrational and nonsensical.

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Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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