Adult Tantrums Rule!


What is a tantrum?  It’s an excessive show of displeasure that utilizes screaming, crying, flailing, writhing on the ground; all relentlessly and intensively with no regard for one’s own dignity or for the sensibilities of those around them, and all for the purpose of getting one’s own way.  Typically, tantrums are associated with young children age four or younger.

You’ve seen it in the store when some kid wants some candy or a toy, and Mom said; “No!”  The kid goes ballistic, and the mom looks around sheepishly in despair and feeling helpless.  A strong mother deals with the situation so the child is denied his/her pleasure and is disciplined appropriately and at the right time.  My mother had that issue with my brother over 50 years ago.  She walked off leaving him crying by the side of the road while she went about her business.  Was that risky?  Today, it would not only be a risky thing to do, it would be viewed in the eyes of the law as criminal child abuse.  Anyone who knew my mother would never have given that assessment a moment’s thought back then.

Today, we have tantrums ruling in the streets of America.  You have Black Lives Matter (BLM), Anti Fascists (Antifa), Democrats, Communists (that’s redundant), and numerous other special interest groups who stand in the streets and howl about the injustices that they must endure.  They have to work for their money, and use their heads to survive in America.  That’s very traumatic for people, who as kids, were coddled by mom and never spanked (child abuse in today’s lexicon), kids who got participation ribbons even if they came in dead last, kids who couldn’t be teased because it was politically incorrect etc.  This linked video will expose the latest tantrum fad – Islam.  It’s ugly, deadly, and culture destroying.  This video is from England, but America is usually close on the heals of England, so be prepared, and resist the evil that is coming upon us before it is too late.

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