Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Suing “Big Oil” For Not Getting On The Global Warming Band Wagon – Huzzah Huzzah!!! More Hollywood Hypocrisy Bold & Blatant!!!


More Hollywood Hypocrisy as Arnold Schwarzenegger threatens a law suit against “big oil” for first degree murder because they are not sycophants to the fake science of global warming promoted by the fake news media and supported by fake politicos like Al Gore whose carbon foot print is 7 times the size of the average American, and that’s just for his home – doesn’t include all his private jetting around America.

Will Arnold recant all of his voluminous use of gasoline to film on location and use helicopters, cars trucks etc. by the scores.  He’s added to global warming more than any 10,000 average Americans, and he’s still getting royalties off of that egregious and frivolous use of gasoline and oil.  Do you suppose he’ll donate his royalties to some effort of Al Gore’s – don’t hold your breath.

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