Do Words Have Meaning?


That’s a rhetorical question, and if you said “No”, then read no further.  What is etymology?  It is the study and knowledge of words and their origin and meaning.

Let’s start with the word intelligence.  It is derived from two Latin words; inter which means between, and legare the verb form for the ability to choose.  Therefore, the word intelligent means the ability to choose between.  When you fail to give yourself at least two choices, then you  are not intelligent.  If you give yourself only a Hobson’s choice, then that is no choice at all.  If you only look at “both sides” as the corporate controlling fake news media would give you, then you have a narrow, truncated and very limited choice.

If you want to be intelligent, then you must provide yourself with choices that are based upon clearly discernable differences from distinct bases of world views, that are clearly and cogently articulated.  That’s a mouthful, and meant to be so because it’s concise.  Meditate on that idea for a moment.  If you’re ready to move forward, after accepting that premise, then it’s time to pursue intellectual (adverbial application of the word intelligent) honesty.

Intellectual honesty is woefully lacking among the vast majority of Americans, and you need to ask yourself “Why?”.  In the estimate of this writer, there are some “main” culprits.  The first and biggest culprit is the sinful nature of man with his selfish self-interests being paramount to his thinking.  The second biggest culprit is the banking cabal which finances and controls our government, and their agenda is to rule the world with their own ideology, fiat currency and government billy clubs – an extension of the sinful nature of man.  The third biggest culprit would be the fellow Americans who sell their souls for an opportunity at wealth and power over the rest of their fellow Americans, and at their expense through massive taxation, regulation, and social engineering – another manifestation of the sinful nature of man.  The fourth biggest culprit (may possibly trade places with the third) is the corporations who seek to undermine the individual thought process in favor of  raising worker bees to fill their offices and factories – another manifestation of the sinful nature of man.  Through these first four, (their ideology melding nicely), we get what is known as “public education” which is a misnomer, as it is really government indoctrination – not education.

The bankers favor the undermining of morality (a high standard of behavior) as that is what holds a culture together and gives it a sense of value and purpose.  Apart from the debt factor, bankers are generous financiers of the media which is the fifth culprit in the war on intelligence and intellectual honesty.  They technically are part of the corporate world, and yet they occupy a very distinct function within that context.  The media includes books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and movies (Hollywood).  Books, newspapers and magazines are on the wane because they are harder for the bankers to control, and they allow for people to think and form opinions.  As our culture progresses, it is radio, television and movies that form public opinion and attitudes more and more, and now we have the marvelous portable vehicle of the smart phone to capture us every minute of our lives.  This all facilitates our rapid slide into the abyss of moral depravity materially, spiritually and economically.  Look around you and see if the bankers are objecting to the persecution of Christians, sexual immorality, pedophilia, pornography, abortion, debt, lying politicians, public perversion, oppressive taxation, false flags, rioting in the streets, wars, illegal immigration, Sharia law etc.  They are not objecting – because they are behind it all both financially and philosophically.

The bankers make sure that the government schools do not educate the students about money, and particularly honest money which is described in the Bible.  They also inculcate the materialistic lusts that push people to indebt themselves, and of course, that’s how the bankers maintain their control, because as the Scripture says; “The borrower is slave to the lender.”  It makes no difference if the “borrower” is an individual, a smaller bank, a corporation, or a government.  The bankers also are opposed to nation states and borders, and therefore they are the financiers and promoters of world government which is taught in favorable terms by government schools.  Of course, the Tower of Babel was opposed by God, and the United Nations is just an updated version of that.  God, according to the Bible, gave us nations, and that’s for a very good reason.  If one nation goes astray, they don’t all have to go astray at the same time.  Ignorant and poorly educated people in America fall for this propaganda because they have turned from Biblical precepts, and they cannot make an intelligent nor intellectually honest decision about these ideologies.

The politicians, many having been educated by the government, cannot discern good from evil, and therefore, they go with the flow because they can only see money and power laying before them if they function as effective sycophants for the bankers.  The corporations could not function without the bankers, and so these two parts of the equation march in lock step with the bankers.  They ignore the truth when they can get away with it, and they distort it when they cannot.  The education they promote in the government schools is designed to keep the populous ignorant, and in particular, to keep them ignorant of the Bible which is the Word(s) of God.

So, we’re back to words, and they do have meaning.  The Bible has close to 800,000 words.  The I.R.S. code (a creation of the bankers to steal back their funny money) has close to 4 million words.  That doesn’t include all of the statutory laws that Congress has passed which would amount to tens of millions more (maybe hundreds of millions?).  So, let’s deal for a moment with those 800,000 words in the Bible.  Many of those words are historical accounts of people who did noble (in some instances) and very ignoble things in other instances.  Many of the words deal with the basic formalities and administration of Jewish temple worship.  Many of the words are of a poetic nature and deal with a myriad of issues and philosophy.  At the bottom line, there are many words that deal with the law, mercy, and application of  God’s word.  That totals (this is a guess) approximately 200,000 words and includes the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible), and the New Testament.

Within those mere 200,000 words, are the words of truth, life and prosperity both spiritually and materially.  200,000 words are equal to a long novel.  The bankers don’t want the masses to prosper in either category, so they, along with their above named minions, have relegated the Bible’s application only to church, and they have outlawed it from the public arena.  Not only was that not enough for them, but they’ve worked assiduously to undermine the seminaries, church teaching, and to reinterpret the Bible into milk toast philosophies.  In other words, they have tried to destroy any intelligent and intellectually honest investigation and application of truth from an objective source in favor of a subjective source (themselves) in order to obtain their goal of world domination of money, politics, industry, teaching, behavior and thinking.  Remember, these people have the power to print, loan and spend as much money as they want with the force of law behind them so nobody can compete with them – that’s a lot of power!  If that’s what you want, march ahead, and if not, stop and think of what it means to be intelligent, and to apply intellectual honesty.  And, if you figure all of that out, then what are you going to do to take action that will make a difference?

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