Florida Shooting – Questions That Must Be Answered & If Not, Why Not???


Go To 1 Hour 33 Minutes 45 Seconds On This Video For Very Damning Interview With Expert Who Wrote School Shooter Policies Which He Says Were Not Followed!!!

Ask why:

An eye witness, Stacey Lippel  English teacher’s testimony that a man dressed in black who, in her own words, was a “policeman”, with a gun she’d never seen before and who was shooting people is being ignored by corporate media?

Nikolas Cruz was, as reported by the Miami Herald, on a heavy psychotropic drug prescription and media is ignoring that fact?

Broward County Sheriff won’t release school videos.?

Nikolas Cruz’s COURT (Government) APPOINTED ATTORNEY has already entered a guilty plea without demanding any forensic evidence to determine his guilt or innocence?

The Florida Attorney General has offered to pay funeral expenses for all of the deceased; and with that payment, could there be a caveat that those who accept payment must not discuss it or dispute the veracity of the “official” story – why would an attorney general do that?

The F.B.I. did nothing when they had massive instances (over 40) demonstrating his instability (mentally), and they had numerous occasions to investigate him?

The corrupt F.B.I. is even involved?

A credible eye witness fellow student says she was talking with Cruz at the time of the shooting, so that it could either not have been him, or, as she says, there was at least one other shooter?

If these are not enough questions that need answering, more are out there.  These questions all create a reasonable doubt about the “lone gunman” shooting which is so common to every false flag operation our corrupt U.S. Federal government, F.B.I. and bought and paid for local police departments continue to foist upon us as if we’re a bunch of numskull dweebs unable to think critically.

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