Ask Yourself If A Cashless Society Is Good For You

If the only way to do business – buy a hamburger, buy a candy bar, take a bus, fill the gas tank etc. – is digitally without cash, then what happens if the power goes down?  What happens if a digital entry is in error and all of a sudden there’s no money in your account?  What happens if the government, or someone in it, doesn’t like you and they close your account?  What happens if the I.R.S. says you owe taxes and they take your money leaving you with nothing?  What happens if a hacker hacks into your account and takes all your money?  With cash, there is no problem.  In a cashless society, all of the above questions are answered by acknowledging that you are in deep doo doo.

So, do you want a cashless society?  Is it a good thing?  Will it really stop crime?  Will it make you any safer?  Will it stop tax evasion?  No, of course not, but it will give the bankers total control over everyone’s life including yours.  And how would you reconcile your statement of purchases at the end of the month.  What if the name on the bill is not one your familiar with?  You will have to investigate.  Think about how many transactions you make in cash every month?

Updated 3/10/23 HERE.


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  1. djwasntme · · Reply

    Common wisdom: anything that can be used to evil purposes will be used to evil purposes.
    When a Hollywood celeb preachifies how we must live like cavemen, we reply: STFU, stay in your lane
    When a WEF banker does, why reply any differently? Those WEF idiots created a billion times worse mess than Hollywood celebs.


    1. Observation noted and fully supported on this end!


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