My Letter To The Editor Of The New York Slimes.


Dear Editor,

Shooting yourself in the foot is painful.  Doing it more than once could be crippling and cost a lot of money and jobs.  Johnathan Martin and Alexander Burns co-authored an article about the successful U.S. Senate GOP primary win of Roy Moore in Alabama.  The article was so plainly derisive of his victory, that their, and your, bias was in no way in question.  Apparently the election of Donald Trump (an establishment stooge, tool or possibly captive in my estimate) did not register with you.  You are out of touch with the people of America, and it appears that you do not care because it interferes with your leftist, one world, dictatorship that you’d like to see dominate.  I do not subscribe to your wretched rag, nor to any others.  There are better sources for information out there than the establishment – all it takes is a hunger, searching. fixed principles, and discernment.

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