Why Has The American Government Declared War Upon Americans?


America is a Constitutional republic by its origin, but not any more.  What was the purpose of the founding of America?  According to the Constitution it was “to form a more perfect union”.  How was that to be achieved?  Recognition of certain rights that were inalienable (can’t be taken away) was a major factor, and setting up a government structure of limiting government by putting the ultimate authority in the individual citizen was the vehicle to protect those rights.

This was an affront to those elitists who think themselves exceptional in their wisdom, knowledge and understanding and are endowed with a distinct status that sets them apart from the riff raff of the common man in the street.  Therefore, these people have joined finances (much or the time in secret) to take over America and the world by force which is a declaration of war!

Is there is another explanation for why our money is growing worthless day by day?  Is there another explanation for why our wages and income doesn’t keep up with the cost of living; that war is the only solution to focusing on the real problems; that white people have no right to exist; that we have Americans fighting each other in the street; that reconciliation between the races just can’t be; that people who hate America are brought in by the tens of thousands and who do not assimilate into the culture; that some darter snail is more important than human beings; that Mother Earth is a greater concern than obedience to Jesus Christ; that the gap between rich and poor has increased exponentially; that people are responsible for global warming and they must give up their freedom and material pleasures to stop the warming; that the material has superseded the spiritual; that Christians (who founded hospitals and charities) are evil?  It’s not by chance; it’s by design.

This is a full on battle between good and evil.  Which will triumph depends upon people waking up and taking action.  Pray for repentance, revival and reformation.  America is the prime target, but no nation is exempt from the assaults from the New World Order Elitists.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!



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