List Of Retail Chains Closing In 2017


There’s a reason for all of these store closures.  It’s one of two reasons.  Either the retailers don’t know how to operate a profitable business which is not likely,  Or, the retail consumer has no money to spend.  It is most likely the latter reason.  If so, why do they not have money?  Obamacare forced a lot of people from full time employment to part time at lower wages.  Government regulations for OSHA, EPA, etc. burden businesses with $600 billion in costs that produce nothing but more jobs for bureaucrats. Government regulations encourage businesses to go overseas taking away even more jobs.  The bankers have people paying so much interest on credit card debt, student loan debt, bond debt, mortgage debt, and chattel debt, that there is nothing left over.  If that’s not enough, the corrupt, treasonous, murdering, war mongering, child molesting central banksters are creating so much money that it’s worth will not even equal toilet paper pretty soon, because at least toilet paper is soft and absorbent.

The average person aged between 21 and 35 has a negative net worth of -$17,000!  How much more can you spend?  See the link below for the retail debacle:

Retail Closures


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


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