Hobson’s Choice – Do You Know What It Is, And How It Works?


Definition of Hobson’s choice

  1.   an apparently free choice when there is no real alternative

  2.   the necessity of accepting one of two or more equally objectionable alternatives

Thomas Hobson is the father of the Hobson’s choice, but the banking establishment has refined it into a high political art form.  You’ve heard people talk, every U.S. Presidential election, about choosing the “lesser of two evils”.  This my friends is not by chance, and if you are one of those fools who thinks that conspiracies don’t exist, then read no further, although you can go immediately to the linked videos below for another person’s opinion.

A conspiracy, defined by Black’s law dictionary, is when two or more people gather in secret to plan an illegal act.  It’s just that simple, and it goes on all of the time.  Bankers, Wall Streeters, Corporate Executives, Organized (and not so organized) Crime people etc. conspire all of the time.  If it were not true, district attorneys would not charge people with things like “conspiracy to commit murder”, “conspiracy to defraud”, “conspiracy to distribute cocaine”, and so on and on ad infinitum.

Those who oppose the idea of a master conspiracy (one that rules throughout the world) must ask themselves some pertinent questions.  If there is no master conspiracy, then why has virtually all of the world turned to a socialist political/economic system when it has been demonstrated time and time again that socialism doesn’t work.  Take a look at Venezuela or Zimbabwe for contemporary examples.  Even the early Christian pilgrims who settled in the 1600’s in America tried socialism, and it failed miserably.  Why? Because socialism offers something for nothing, but someone has to produce the something, and the nothing producers become to great a burden upon the something producers until the something producers give up and become nothing producers.  When nothing is produced, then people starve, die of exposure, kill each other off, and has been the case in Venezuela, they eat each other.  How long can that last?  What happens when you run out of people to eat?  What’s the price/value of nothing?  What’s the price/value of something?

So, the ultimate Hobson’s choice is deciding who eats the last person on earth.  Not, pardon the expression, a very appetizing choice!  Now, those great conspirators starting with the Essenes, and carrying on with the Masons, Illuminati, British East India Company, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Skull & Bones, Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission etc., all have a common thread.  They are carried on by transcending generation after generation with the same families dominating them and they bring on sycophantic stooges to help out on the agenda.  The following is from an earlier post that is an entertaining full length Hollywood produced movie with a top cast of the day.  This film was suppressed for 50 years and recently became available.  The conspirators may think they’ve got the job done for world government with them in charge, and so they’ve allowed us peons to finally be able to see this movie now; click on the link below.


Another full length documentary film by my friend Aaron Russo (Producer of Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd), and The Rose (starring Bette Midler) exposes the mindset of these people who seek to rule us.  Aaron has taken a serious subject and managed to incorporate some humor and make it very fast paced and instructive as well.  Click on the link below.


These two videos are real eye openers, and will help get you up to speed.  You can do a WEB search of the organizations listed above to get better instructed, and don’t let the establishment sites lead you astray.  Hobson’s Choice is no choice – it’s the banker’s choice, and that’s it!  All you have to do is listen to the bought and paid for corporate media liars to tell you every time that there are only two choices, a big war, or a small war,  more government, or a whole lot more government, less freedom, or a whole lot less freedom.  Always bad choices, and they never even broach the possibility of a third choice like freedom and limited government – think about it!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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