Answer This – If You Can. Global Warming? Global Cooling? Global Climate Change? Which Is It?


Going back to your junior high (middle school) biology class, did you learn about a basic scientific phenomena known as “photosynthesis”?  If you did, do you remember what plants breath to survive?  Yes, that nasty CO2 (carbon dioxide) the gas of life is what sustains all plant life on the face of the earth!  No exceptions!

The more plants we have, the cooler the earth is.  Plants shade the planet and retain water which when it evaporates has a cooling effect, and they give off a life giving gas known as Oxygen without which, no humans or animals can live!  No exceptions!

It’s a closed cycle that cannot be undone.  God created it, and we cannot undo it, but evil men who want to control our lives have come up with this nonsense of global “warming”, “cooling”, “climate change” etc. for the sole purpose of controlling our lives from the womb to the tomb and stifling all freedom and prosperity for everyone on the face of the earth except themselves by taxing us into oblivion.  Al Gore (who’s leading the vanguard on the issue) has become a billionaire trading carbon credits.

There was a warm period hundreds of years before the “industrial revolution” in which Greenland was growing crops and Ireland had vineyards.  So much for global warming caused by man.  Global warming is caused by solar activity.  Global cooling is caused by lack of solar activity.  Global climate change is caused by fluctuations in solar activity.

Here’s your question to answer: Are you one of the people they’ve fooled and manipulated into getting onto the anthroprogenic global warming band wagon frenzy? Remember that these evil people are the same ones who’ve given you WW II, central banking, Hitler, Communism, ISIS and nasty human engineered diseases, and general confusion about truth and reality through the corporate Fascist media.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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