No Money?


Supposedly, say the punctiliously, pompous, pusillanimous, pernicious, perfidious pundits purveying puke as pulchritude, we have no money for “the wall”.  We have plenty of money to subsidize Planned Parenthood to make billions doing abortions and selling fetal parts.  We have plenty of money for enticing people onto welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps (eloquently acronymned as SNAP – it’s a snap), and plenty of money to bomb the hell out of innocent civilians in Syria and elsewhere, and plenty of money provide lavishly for our leaders pleasures and comfort, and plenty of money to subsidize mega corporate interests, but not enough money to build a wall to protect our nation from an invasion that could easily be classified as an act of war.

Well, what is the federal government for anyway?  Isn’t it to line the pockets of greedy men.  Isn’t it for enslaving the American people with fiat (on demand with no substance behind it) currency?  To extrapolate from an old Hollywood war movie; “Damn the budget; full spending ahead!”

But, no money for a wall.  Of course, if we didn’t give all of the very expensive incentives American taxpayers provide to foreigners to come here for “free” everything, then to insure they come, we bomb them so they flee to America and become refugees.  Sometimes, just to mix it up, we destroy their economies so they have to flee.  Sometimes we do both.  Are you getting the picture at all yet?

It has nothing to do with not having enough money – all the Federal Reserve has to do is a couple of finger clicks on a computere keyboard, and voila – $100 trillion!!!  Just like that. No, this is all very political by the 1% who seek world hegemony!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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