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Bricks At Riots Around Country Have Been Staged – Riots Planned & Financed – By Whom? Could It Be Soros Or Obama?

  Well Orchestrated, Financed, Very Violent Riots Across America – Who’s Behind It? Staged Bricks Related Post: NO CHANCE RIOTING FINANCED BY GEORGE SOROS – DON’T LOOK THERE! HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth […]

80 Towns In Poland Are LGBTQ “Free”!

  The following article comes thanks to Paul Cameron, founder of Family Research Institute, a man dedicated for over 30 years to exposing the lies used to promote homosexuality and to neutralize Christian (and in general) opposition to it.  Paul is linked on right column along with others if you scroll down past this article.  […]

What Happens When Two Disagree?

  You say “potayto”, and I say “potahto”.   That dispute of opinions is not likely to cause people to throw punches or Molotov Cocktails.  On the other hand, you say Trump, and I say Clinton, and those are “fightin’ words”!   But why are we fighting? Could it be that communicating effectively is no longer possible […]

3 Minute Video Interview – Google Ex-Employee Reveals The Tyranny Of Living & Working Under An Ideological Business Dictatorship Set Up By The Fascist NSA!

  Google Is A Dictatorship – One To Be Feared!  Google must be a very depressing place to live where everyone thinks the same and there’s no room for argument – well, I guess you could debate the merits of broccoli? SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any […]

Video & Text Both, On The Anthropogenic Global Climate Change Hoax.

  Climate Change Hoax!  This fraud is being perpetrated upon Americans and the world with the idea in mind of creating a one world totalitarian oppressive backwards government that oppresses and enslaves all but the most elite and privileged and substitutes paganism and devil worship in lieu of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  There’s no room […]

1 Hour Video – The Deep State Defined

  The Deep State Defined!   Are you blind to it?  Have you been victimized by it?  Can you do anything about it?  Should anything be done about it?  The video is a year old, and somethings that’s good, so you can see how the same strategy is being used a year later to deceive Americans […]

Another False Flag Attack – This One Is Too Good To Be True.

  Jesse Smollet Attacked!   Jesse Smollett is an actor, but more importantly, he is “gay”, “black”, and “Jewish”!  How perfect could he be?  He is a combination of the three most protected and discriminated against minority statuses on the planet.  Whatever he says must be the gospel truth, and nobody can challenge what he says […]

3 Minute Video – ANTIFA (Communist Thugs & NAZI Brown Shirts) Attack Senior Citizens.

  Antifa Attacks Senior Citizens   These people crawled out from under a rock and manifested their evil for all to see.  Wake up America – the police are in on the act because the Mayors are a bunch of leftist thugs who order them to stand down.  Research Antonio Gramsci, Cloward & Piven, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich […]