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Here’s The Link To Real.Video – Mike Adams Of Natural News’ Response To You Tube Censorship!

Real.Video  Mike Adams has done a Herculean job over the last few weeks to develop this site into a credible and formidable competitor to You Tube which is run by scumbags who censor those people with whom they disagree.  Eat your heart out all of you leftists at You Tube – you created this opportunity […]

Video & Article – Fight Censorship – The War Is On & Your Freedom Is The Prize!

  Fight Censorship   The left, Democrats, liberals; whatever you want to call them, are out and out hypocrites – some are mindless minions, others are sycophants, and others yet are hard core evil people with an agenda that doesn’t allow for dissent.  They oppose knowledge, intellectual honesty and truth.  They are against everything that is […]