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Russian Election Meddling.

  Teeth gnashing, wringing hands, wailing and lamenting will not document Russian Election Meddling in America.  Hard evidence seems elusive, and if there was some meddling, it was inconsequential and did not determine the outcome of the 2016 election. On the other hand, America, in opposition to the the rest of the world (save Israel), […]

A List Of Who Benefits From Illegal Immigration? And, By The Way “Illegal” Is Not A Race!!!

  There’s a saying; “Follow the money!”  So, let’s ignore the lies, rhetoric and propaganda and instead, follow the money, and find out who benefits from illegal immigration. 1.)    The illegal immigrants with welfare, free food, free medical care, free education, free or heavily subsidized housing, free cell phones, and a voting franchise. 2.)  […]

40 Minute History Of America & The Rothschild Influence Upon It & The World!

This is a brief but potent 3500 year history of banking and power – wars for profit and corporate mergers – political machinations and assassinations – treason and betrayal  – infiltration and destruction of the church – Masonic and Illuminati secrecy etc.  Much of this is known to be true to this writer.  Some is […]